Galfond Challenge Betting Tips – Poker Competitions 2020


Posted: August 25, 2020

Updated: August 25, 2020

  • Galfond Challenge 2020: three competitions to follow
  • Check 22Bet to find the odds on the upcoming online games

Looking for interesting poker competitions to follow in 2020? Check out Galfond Challenge betting tips and try to predict the next winner. Three poker games will take place this September, so it is the right time to check the odds!

If you are looking for poker competitions to follow this year, pay attention to the Galfond Challenge betting tips to make money on it. Haven’t heard about the Galfond Challenge? Check our brief review and then bet on the favorites at online sportsbooks in Canada.

The Galfond Challenge is a non-professional poker tournament launched by Phil Galfond, an American poker star who has won three WSOP bracelets. During the competition, players have to compete with the host face to face in an online poker game. At the same time, followers make bets on Galfond or his opponent to win. Interested? Then check three upcoming Ganfold Challenge games scheduled for September 2020.

Galfond Challenge betting tips: September 2020

This year, Phil Galfond has announced three live games to take place in September. There will be more competitions to come, but they have neither dates nor odds on the possible winner. 22Bet Sportsbook has already prepared the odds on scheduled games, so let’s see who you should support to place a right bet and win cash.

Galfond Challenge betting tips
Let’s play!

Galfond v Kornuth

The first live game will take place on September 16, 2020. Galfond will meet Chance Kornuth in a face to face poker competition. By 1.17 odds, the host is the favorite of the game where side bets reach €1 million. Using Galfond Challenge betting tips to bet on him is almost a win-win chance to make money as the host has won all the games this year.

Galfond v Adams

The next poker game is scheduled for September 30, 2020. Phil Ganfold is going to meet Brandon Adams who has much better chances to win than another host’s competitor – 2.49. However, Galfond is still the favorite of the game with 1.51 odds on his victory. The side bets vary from $100 to $150.000, while the duration of the competition will be 40 hours, so this game should definitely not be missed. 

Galfond v Perkins

Online gambling sites in Canada also make predictions on the Phil Ganfond v Bill Perkins poker competition within Ganfold Challenge. Although the date is going to be announced soon, there are already 13.5 odds on Perkins to win. Will he be the only player who gets the host down? We will see this fall. 

Follow 22Bet Sportsbook to see the odds on the fourth poker game – Ganfold v Jungelman – or to bet on the other competitions.

You can discover more about 22Bet Sportsbook here.

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