Gambler Rob Gorodetsky Defrauded Millions

  • Rob Gorodetsky lifestyle was paid with stolen funds
  • No one wants to be seen with him
  • Las vegas has banned him from casinos
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The accusation is that famed sports gambler Rob Gorodetsky defrauded millions to support his lavish Las Vegas lifestyle. He was charged on Wednesday with ripping off an individual investor out of $9.6 million.

Introduction: Gambler Rob Gorodetsky defrauded millions

Federal Officers charge that criminal behavior was behind the extravagant life style of high-stakes player Rob Gorodetsky, as reported by online casino news in the US. Charges documented to the U.S. Region Court in Chicago on Tuesday, say that Gorodetsky is to blamed for defrauding an investor of almost $10 million. Rob Gorodetsky, a high-stakes sports gambler whose supposed connections to sports stars expanded his visibility, has been accused of swindling an investor of nearly $10 million. The Illinois native stole millions of dollars, telling people they would see great returns on their money via his investment strategies.

The Charges

Gorodetsky, 27, faces as long as a possible 20 years in jail for wire fraud. He is furthermore facing accusations of falsifying government paperwork, as shown in court records. The government charges were laid out in U.S. Court in Chicago on Tuesday and an arraignment and request hearing have been set for Feb. 5th.

“Gut feeling”

On Wednesday, Gorodetsky didn’t reply to either voice or text messages. During multiple weeks in 2017, while showing off his lifestyle with USA TODAY Sports, Gorodetsky bet more than $1 million. He additionally shared a budget summary showing he had bet $26 million in 2017 and he attributed his success to “a gut feeling.” Here’s a list of online casino sites in the US he probably tried.


Be that as it may, government examiners state the cash that Gorodetsky bet was a part of a plan he put into play in order to cheat an anonymous financial specialist, “Speculator A,” of $9.6 million somewhere between 2014 and 2018, as shown by the court records. The main part of the cash was to bet on sites like Intertops and more than $2 million was to pay for living, travel and amusement costs. These included luxury vehicles and jewellery.

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Rob Gorodetsky                                                     Photo: Jason M Ogulnik for USA TODAY

Once a Cheat…

This was not the first time that Gorodetsky did this type of fraud. In 2013 he took $95,000 from a mother and son in New York promising them major returns on their investment. In 2014 they sued him and won. So far he has paid back nothing.

Friend of the Stars

A school dropout from the Chicago rural areas, Gorodetsky wore a baseball top with the logo GAMBLR. He revealed to USA TODAY Sports that he had burned through a huge number of dollars in strip clubs. “It’s not simply betting,” Gorodetsky said at the time. “It’s a way of life.” Gorodetsky lived a life of luxury in Las Vegas. He liked to wear $6000 designer hoodies and $2500 sneakers. He had his own entourage and often uploaded photos to his Instagram account rubbing elbows with celebrities like NFL WR Odell Beckham Jr. The two appeared together in a USA TODAY Sports photograph. Furthermore, he appeared alongside the rapper Drake. And all the while professing to be on friendly terms with numerous big stars. Drake declined to comment. Then Beckham said he didn’t know Gorodetsky, inspite of standing next to him in the photo. Choose your friends wisely.

No one Knows Him

Gorodetsky said in 2017 he was friendly with Los Angeles Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma. The basketball player declined to comment on the issue. Gorodetsky also clarified how he would deal with wagers on the off chance he was associated with a point-shaving scheme.

Las Vegas Bans

The day after USA TODAY Sports prints its story, Gorodetsky said he had been banned from many Las Vegas sports books and casinos, and likely will face more bans. “I’m banned for life basically from Vegas,’’ Gorodetsky said. “My life is over basically, but there’s nothing I can do.’’ I guess it back to online casinos like Intertops. His issues took an increasingly serious turn with the federal investigation. In 2017, he supposedly made a bogus personal expense form guaranteeing his pay was just $10,520. This was despite the fact that this was the same year he told USA Today he bet $1.5 million over the course of 24 hours.

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