Gamblers Who Lost It All: Different Side of the Victory

  • Statistics show that every third winner goes broke in just a few years
  • People lose their heads from sudden wealth
  • In this article, we have prepared a list of gamblers who lost it all
gamblers who lost it all

There is hardly a person who never thought: “I wish I could win the lottery!”. But alas, statistics show that every third winner goes broke in just a few years! They lose their heads from sudden wealth. Indeed, they spend everything on expensive cars, shopping, huge houses, and luxury travel. Many of the lucky ones find themselves in a much more difficult situation than they were before winning the lottery. In this article, we have prepared a list of gamblers who lost it all. Let’s get started! 

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Lisa Arcand: Life Like a Party

The first thing Lisa did after winning the lottery was throwing a lavish party for all her friends for $ 3,000. A single mother received $ 1,000,000. However, the money did not last long. Less than four years later, Lisa discovered that she was in debt. After receiving the winnings, the woman bought a house with new furniture, spent some expensive travel, and enrolled her son in a good school. She also opened the seafood restaurant that she had always dreamed of. However, things weren’t going well. The business had to be closed when Lisa found herself deeply in debt. Therefore, we recommend you to take all your winnings wisely so as not to find yourself in a similar situation. Online gambling sites in the USA are waiting for responsible players. 

Gamblers Who Lost It All: Martin and Kay Tott

The young couple regularly bought lottery tickets, where they marked the same numbers (6 7 11 23 32 44 – birthdays, engagement day, age at the time of the meeting, and grandmother’s house number). However, Martin and Kay Tott once missed a weekly draw and it cost them a lot of money. The Totts saw on the news that someone in their area had won the lottery, but the winning ticket went unclaimed. They immediately realized that they were the winners. Nevertheless, there was one big problem – the Totts could not find their ticket. Martin contacted the Camelot lottery company to try to prove his winnings, but they refused. Although a camera in the store confirmed that they bought a lottery ticket, for many years the right to money has not been successfully defended in the courts.

gamblers who lost it all
Have you ever been lottery winner? Picture source: Pxfuel

The fight so engulfed Martin that Kay decided to leave him. Unfortunately, the man himself began to drink heavily. Later he was able to pull himself together and find happiness with a new girlfriend. All in all, he no longer played the lottery.

How Lara and Roger Griffiths Got to a Divorce

Lara and Roger were living peacefully in West Yorkshire when they hit the $ 2,400,000 jackpot. They quietly celebrated the victory with a bottle of champagne and Indian takeaway food. However, this evening was the last in their ordinary life. A week after the win, the Griffiths quit their jobs, bought an Audi convertible, and flew to Dubai, where they stayed in a five-star hotel. They moved into a beautiful home, furnished it with fashionable furniture, enjoyed shopping, and spent more and more on expensive travel. Unfortunately, life soon began to spiral out of control when Roger started drinking and Lara got carried away with beauty treatments. The prize money quickly dwindled and the couple filed for divorce. They are the gamblers who lost it all – even each other! The Intertops Casino will not let you do the same. 

Gamblers Who Lost It All: Freddie Young

Freddie played the lottery with friends. In February 2011 they were lucky enough to receive an astonishing $ 46 million. Each received $ 1,600,000, but Young didn’t even have time to enjoy his winnings. Just three months later, Freddie shot and killed the owner of an apartment building, who was arguing with his daughter over a delay in rent. The jury found Young guilty, sentencing him to 25 years in prison. Meanwhile, the wife of the deceased filed a civil lawsuit, for which the judge froze Freddie’s accounts.

Willie Hart’s Addiction

In 1989, Willie won $ 3,100,000 (which he decided to receive in equal shares for 20 years). However, it took him very little time to slide to the bottom. The life of the “lucky” rolled downhill. Unfortunately, the man became addicted to drugs. Therefore, his children after the divorce were left to live with their mother. In 1991, Willie Hart was arrested for the murder of a woman over a cocaine dispute. The judge sent him for a psychiatric examination to confirm his sanity, after which Willie was threatened with life imprisonment. Unfortunately, in 1991, Hart’s traces were lost. Thus, we do not know how the case ended. However, here’s an interesting fact: the lottery company said it would continue to pay out even if Hart got a deadline. Football players who lost their fortune in casinos would envy this!

Gamblers Who Lost It All: Janet Lee

Janet won the $ 18,000,000 lottery in 1993 and chose to receive her prize in equal installments for 29 years. Indeed, the woman was very generous. Every year she donated large sums to charities and political foundations. Janet met with Bill Clinton, and the University of Washington Law School named one of the reading rooms in her honor as a token of gratitude. Alas, the woman’s generosity turned against her.

gamblers who lost it all
Wrong wishes can lead to bankruptcy Picture Source: Max Pixel

In 2001, Lee sold the rights to her annual payments and filed for bankruptcy. She claimed that she had $ 700 left and more than $ 2,500,000 in debt. Well, be careful with what you wish for!

Suzanne Mullins’ Generosity

Like Janet, Suzanne decided to receive her $ 4,200,000 winnings in equal installments. The generous woman planned to share the money with her family. However, her joy was short-lived. Five years after the win, Mullins began to accumulate debts (as she claimed, she had to pay her son-in-law’s million-dollar medical bill). Trying to solve the problem, Suzanne turned to the financial fund for a loan. Unfortunately, she could not return it. Thus, ten years after the win, she was completely ruined. Online gambling sites in the USA stand for Responsible Gaming. Therefore, you have less risk of losing it all. 

Gamblers Who Lost It All: William Post

Mr. Post was arguably one of the most unlucky lottery winners in history. By 1988, he was broke and living on a disability pension when he won a whopping $ 16.2 million. As it turned out, big money entails big problems. Indeed, Post lost his first $ 500,000 payout in just three months. Two weeks after receiving the money, Bud bought a restaurant, a used car park, and an airplane. Thus, he went into minus for another half a million. The family forced him to invest in useless businesses, and the landlord persuaded him to give a third of the cash. However, this was not the worst news for Mr. Post. The police arrested his brother for trying to organize the murder of the “lucky man.” William ultimately filed for bankruptcy, served some time in prison for shooting a sewer, and died in 2006 of respiratory failure. What a tragedy!

Evelyn Adams Took Her Gambling Habit Too Far

The odds of winning the lottery twice are extremely low. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened to saleswoman Evelyn Adams. She won her first jackpot of $ 3,900,000 in October 1985, and her second win in 1986 brought Evelyn an additional $ 1,400,000. With the money, the woman paid the bills, bought a new car, and set up a trust fund to pay for her daughter’s college. Evelyn generously shared the money with everyone who asked her for financial help. However, unfortunately, she became addicted to gambling. Twenty years later, Evelyn was completely broke and moved to live in a trailer. Therefore, she became one of the gamblers who lost it all.

Gamblers Who Lost It All: Sharon Tirabassi

Canadian Sharon Tirabassi won $ 10 million. However, just ten years later she was left with nothing. After receiving the winnings, she immediately shared with her family, giving a million to her parents and almost two million to her brothers and sisters. Sharon was also very generous with those around her, buying houses for them, helping them pay rent, and offering loans for businesses.

gamblers who lost it all
Are you ready to share your money? Picture Source: Pxfuel

The woman did not forget about herself, buying expensive cars and going on luxurious trips. However, Sharon came to her senses in time. Thus, she remained from the Biggest casino falls in history. When Sharon realized that the money was running out, she put the rest of the winnings in a trust fund for her six children. Thus, they will be able to use them after their 26th birthday. Now, Sharon is back at work. Moreover, she lives in a rented house and travels by bus.

To Sum It Up

The curse of a big win is that having tasted easy money once, the poor guy who doesn’t know mathematics well concludes that his random luck is the norm, and that he can now make a living getting money at the card table. Despite the high-profile accidents often mentioned in the press, there are many more lottery winners who remain invisible (1,136 Americans won more than $ 1 million each in the lottery in 1996). And some say directly that money has made them happier. For example, young Britons Matt Miles and Jane Park, who won £ 1 million each in EuroMillions.

A British study showed that the mental health of lottery winners improved. Besides, scientists from the University of California found that the level of happiness after a sharp jump usually returns to the “pre-win” level. If you were happy before winning the lottery, then after winning the lottery you will be alright too. And while big wins don’t always save you from bankruptcy, polls of lottery winners say the sudden big money is a pleasant surprise and makes them happier. Therefore, visit the Intertops Casino and, who knows, maybe we will write about your story as well!

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