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Posted: June 17, 2024

Updated: June 17, 2024

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Today we have collected some of the most entertaining gambling conspiracy theories. Join us if you are interested in some of the most interesting cases that might serve as a foundation for many stretched opinions about the world of gambling. We all love to read some superstitious intrigue about organizations conspiring about “innocent” users, don’t we?

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Are you a fan of intriguing conspiracies? Perhaps you claim to be among the ones who see reality as it is. Maybe you just want to laugh at the absurd and unrealistic fiction people like to believe in. Well, whatever brought you here, we have collected the best gambling conspiracy theories. Of course, we wish to highlight that you should treat conspiracy theories the same way you should treat gambling: with responsibility.

Do not give in to conspiracy theories, because in the end: If they are true, we can not do anything about it. If they are false, then we waste our time discussing it. Gambling is similar, just do it to enjoy some games, but do not try to chase your losses. The moment you start to think about money, leave. To play quick and fair games, register at any of the sites on our list of online casino sites in the US.

Match Fixing – Gambling Conspiracy Theories

Before we jump into some of the sports conspiracy theories, let’s take a look at something that happens quite often. Generally, we wouldn’t name an exact case of match-fixing. What is important to know is that every single competitive scene on the Earth has some sort of match-fixing issue. Selling a loss is always more profitable than facing off against a team that might be a full gamble due to equal skills. On top of that, third parties may benefit from your loss, which can double your earnings.

The gambling community became a little too fast to bite on accusations of match-fixing. This became one of the greatest demons in the industry, as most of the time people started to prefer simulated sports over trusting humans, as humans may not only fix their games but also commit human failure, which is not the most optimal outcome for gamblers. If you are interested in wagering on sports of all kinds, we recommend you register at VAVE Casino.

The casino leaders

F1 Spygate

Moving on to one of the most interesting cases among the gambling conspiracy theories. We have collected a full list of the F1 conspiracy theories. While it is not strictly connected to gambling, at the same time, the F1 Spygate has affected a lot of bettors. F1 is playing the greater picture with all of its unique conspiracies, which is not about match-fixing.

Essentially, this case is about McLaren obtaining crucial information about their rival, Ferrari. This could have led to an advantage for McLaren, and it is known that they have caused their crash as well during the crash gate. Essentially, many bettors are not happy about the strategies of McLaren, but many of the Spygate details were not proven at all.

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The Frozen Envelope – Gambling Conspiracy Theories

This is one of the most debated topics among the gambling conspiracies. There is no way to truly prove or even disprove this theory. According to the Bleacher Report, this is about the NBA drafts in 1985. They believe that the New York Knicks rigged the drafts so they may go first to select Patrick Ewing, taking him away from the team who built their strategy around having him. Of course, during the drafts players are drawing the teams by picking an envelope. Since the envelope holds the teams, it is impossible to know who receives which team.

However, there is one strategy people might use to know which team they pick: The frozen envelope. If you freeze an envelope, cameras can not record the heat, nor can anyone see the difference. However, the picking player can easily find the cold envelope and draw it. Whether this conspiracy theory is true or not, is up to debate, but no one is ever going to be able to go back in time and prove it or disprove it.

your usual NFL meeting

The Death Of Michael Jordan’s Father

This is one of the darkest topics as we are debating the gambling conspiracy theories. Michael Jordan enjoyed an intense amount of success, coming from a rough background. It is pretty common to see a young and talented start receiving a large sum of money, and then getting addicted to gambling. We can see this phenomenon with YouTubers who become millionaires by the age of 20.

According to IMDb, there is a whole documentary movie about the death of Michael Jordan’s father. There is a theory that his father was murdered due to gambling debt, while others believe that it was because he refused to agree on match-fixing. Either of these can be connected to gambling in a way, and it is a truly devastating case, because we knew that it happened, and yet the story is fading to mystery.

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Casino Manipulations – Gambling Conspiracy Theories

Of course, we can not look at an industry without the many different theories on how casinos are fabricated to manipulate us, players. According to Reddit, the people who come up with the most absurd of ideas seem to be endless on forums. Some believe that casinos are made so you can not make a right turn, to avoid activating the logical parts of your brain. Others think that they try to avoid you seeing your reflection, so you may not contemplate your decisions. 

They also think that a casino is fabricated in a way that you are not connected to the rest of the world while you are in, making you more immersed. But how many of these theories are true? Well, in reality, some are true, some are not. For example, video games also hire psychologists to keep their players “hooked” by exploiting mental factors. Casinos do the same, but some conspiracies are overstating these things.

Is this just fantasy?

The Sports Industry Theories

Finally, we have the final conspiracy theory, which might be just as absurd and demonic as the superstitious King Charles’s red painting misconceptions. This theory can be seen in nearly all forums debating anything about the legitimacy of different games, especially sports. They believe that the sports industry is entirely fake and that it is fabricated to generate money. In a way, it is true. Putting professional athletes on a field, and saying that they represent a country is simply a symbolic act, and in reality, nothing connects us to the person.

On the other hand? These people claim that all games are pre-scripted and that the organization already knows who is going to win the finals before even the promotional period begins. This is where some of the gambling conspiracy theories are going too far with unfounded opinions. If you wish to play fair gambling games, register at VAVE Casino!

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