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Crazy Sports Conspiracy Theories

If you are regulating the online sportsbook sites in Canada, then you should check out these crazy sports conspiracy theories. Because the next time you meet an unexpected event, it might cost you your bet. This is why you should follow the online sportsbook news. Therefore, understanding more than just the performance difference between sportsmen can contribute to your chances of winning bets at sports betting. Because these crazy sports conspiracy theories might just be real. Of course, many of them are probably just baseless theories. But the majority of them make perfect sense. It isn’t only the Oprah Winfrey interview with Britney Spears that can be tied together with conspiracy theories. You can find speculations about scandals just about everything, and sport and gambling is no exception to that.

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Crazy Sports Conspiracy Theories

The majority of the crazy sports conspiracy theories are revolving around the NFL and their players. This is why the NFL is a shady place, according to Reddit. From rigged matches to scheduled failures to increase popularity, you can find everything. Therefore, you should keep in mind that for every conspiracy theory, there is another sensible explanation. So you shouldn’t treat the following as sacred texts. They are just simple speculations about suspicious happenings around the world of sports.

Michael Jordan’s Crazy Sports Conspiracy Theories

The most crazy sports conspiracy theories are revolving around the richest athletes in 2022. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that Michael Jordan has a handful of scandals around his name. One of the most crazy sports conspiracy theories is stating that Michael Jordan didn’t switch from baseball to basketball because he wanted to try out a new sport. According to the Sporting News, he was secretly banned from the NFL. Michael Jordan had undoubtable gambling habits. Therefore, the theory states that he was secretly suspended from the NFL. But thanks to the exposure the NFL received from his plays, they decided to do it silently. This leads to another of the most crazy sports conspiracy theories. The theory about the murder of Jordan’s father. They think it was done by a dangerous mob putting Jordan in debt. According to the theory, it was a message.

The Frozen Envelope

If you think that the most recent Tom Brady betting scandal is one of the most crazy sports conspiracy theories. Then you would be surprised to hear about the Frozen Envelope scandal. According to the Bleacher Report, the theory revolves around the 1985 NBA Draft lottery.

In this lottery, team owners have to participate in a lottery game to gain ownership over the qualifying college players. Therefore, the theory states that they froze one of the envelopes so the New York Knicks would get the first pick. Because the first pick of the lottery would have picked Patrick Ewing. He was one of the most talented college basketball players at the time. Therefore, whoever got Patrick Ewing, had a clear way to victory. Fans were quick to shout scandal and rigging, however, this theory is rather questionable. Because every team wanted to pick Ewig. Anyone would have picked him.

The Raven Blackout Scandal

There are many names on the list of the biggest ban scandals in sports history. But there was one match during history when there were no bans or rematches. According to How Stuff Works, the 2013 Raven Blackout Scandal is one of the most crazy sports conspiracy theories. It states that during the 2013 Super Bowl match between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, the Ravens were dominant against the San Francisco team. However, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome faced technical difficulties mid-match, making the lights go off in the entire stadium. They restored the electricity, however the Ravens lost their momentum. Therefore, the opponent almost took the match from them thanks to the new advantage. Ray Lewis told the NFL films that he isn’t accusing anyone. But a zillion-dollar company can’t have a blackout.

The Phantom Punch

In 1964, the event happened which can be called the king of crazy sports conspiracy theories. Muhammad Ali knocked champion, Sonny Liston, out. However, there are speculations that this was all staged, and the knockout punch was a phantom punch.

While on the footage, the punch doesn’t seem to be all proper or powerful. In reality, the Phantom Punch Theory is truly just a theory. If you watch the footage carefully in slow motion. You will see Sonny Liston’s muscles rippling due to the intense power Ali delivered the punch with. Ali stated that it’s called the Anchor Punch. He developed the technique with his brother. Therefore, the Phantom Punch is just one of the crazy sports conspiracy theories. Because in reality, Ali won due to his professional expertise.

Concluding The Crazy Sports Conspiracy Theories

In a conclusion, some of these crazy sports conspiracy theories are truly interesting. For example, the Raven Blackout Scandal has something in it. While the Phantom Punch is nothing but unbelievers accusing one of the most professional sportsmen in our history. Therefore, keep an eye out for what is real and what isn’t on both sides of the coin. If you wish to bet on the upcoming events forging the future of the conspiracy theories. Then you should visit Bet99 Sportsbook. It is a trustworthy Canadian betting site. You can win extra prizes with your bet. Because they are offering crazy welcoming bonuses you must claim the moment you register. What do you think? Are any of these theories real?

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