Gambling Equipment Manufacturers Confused by German Gambling Laws

German gambling laws confuse both the Internet and mobile casinos as well as gambling equipment makers.

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A major gambling equipment exhibition scheduled to take place in Dusseldorf early next year has been canceled. The reason is that the gambling equipment makers are confused by the German gambling laws. The exhibition will likely take place a year later.

Since Germany is a federation, meaning each state can influence and even set some laws, the country is seeking to set standard gambling regulations applicable throughout the sixteen states. However, Schleswig-Holstein is setting its own laws and it only adds to the confusion when it comes to setting a regulatory framework applicable to online casinos in Germany as well as to other regulated areas.

One of these areas pertains to the gambling equipment such as arcade games found in pubs. Since the laws governing these aren’t clear, the manufacturers decided to skip the conference until it becomes transparent how the regulated machines need to be made and what standards these must comply with.

Another issue is related to licensing of these machines. Until it is known how many machines are allowed and where, it will not be easy to make sales. While machine makers may have standard products, these need to be somehow redesigned to be in compliance with gambling laws in different jurisdictions. As of now, the gambling machine producers in Germany are expecting a significant drop in sales.

The Intenet and mobile casinos in Germany are also eagerly awaiting the new gambling regulations pact that is going to be signed among the German states. More confusion is likely.

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