Gambling Expansion in Texas – Residents Are All In!

  • The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas conducted a poll
  • They found that the majority of Texans support a gambling expansion in Texas
  • Changes might still be in the far future, but the current laws are too strict
Gambling Expansion in Texas
Those who have ever gambled in the United States might know that every state has its own jurisdiction on the topic. Some states are stricter, some of them are looser. Texas belongs to the previous one. But now, as a poll pointed out, Texans are ready to gamble more freely in their state. Will we see a gambling expansion in Texas in the wake of this discovery?
The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas conducted a poll lately that might change the way people can wager in The Lone Star State. They found that the majority of voters would vote for casino gambling if they put the question to a referendum vote – although they do not seem to be too excited about the legalization of sports betting. However, lawmakers are not yet willing to put the issue up for a referendum vote. And until they do, other online gambling sites in the US, like Party Casino, will be happy to help Texans out. Or maybe after the results of the poll, legislators start to deal with gambling expansion in Texas?

What is illegal in The Lone Star State?

The State law Library gives us a clear and comprehensive picture of our gambling options in Texas. See an extract below.

How the poll promotes gambling expansion in Texas

As you can see now, the laws are pretty strict. So, it is not a surprise that Texans would like to have some freedom on the field. 57% of the pollees support a decision that allows casino gambling, while 29% would vote against the expansion. (13% were indifferent on the issue.)  So far, a group, called white evangelicals, has been opposing the spread of gambling in the state. But now, 52% of them asked in the poll, was in favor of introducing casinos. However, sports betting is not that popular among Texans. Only 43% of them were for, while 31% were not interested in the sports betting field. (26% were indifferent.)
Gambling Expansion in Texas
Texas always followed traditional values

Will gambling expansion happen in Texas?

Though the majority of the resident are all in, the expansion still far from becoming a reality. Some stakeholders are strongly opposing it. For example, some religious groups, the operators of Las Vegas Casinos, and Native American tribes are against any growth in wagering. Also, the state’s legislators reject one gambling bill after another. But still: Texans spend around 2.5 billion dollars per year gambling outside the state. There are several online casino sites in the US, such as Party Casino, who love to have them. But would not it be better to have these tax incomes for the state itself? Yes, we bet it does! So the gambling-loving residents of Texas can hope that all these factors move their case forward in the near future.

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