What Are the Worst Hands in Texas Hold’Em Poker?

  • Poker is a game of a skill, so, knowledge and strategy are important
  • If you are faced with one of the worst hands, it's better to fold
worst hands in poker

At the beginning of every round of Texas Hold’em Poker, you get two cards, which sometimes can make one of the worst hands in poker. 


The extent to which your starting hand is strong can define your success in a game. That might affect the final result even if the other cards are not dealt with yet. Therefore, it’s important to know the strength of the starting hand to know how to act next. Practically, you need to know these details to ensure your success. Because knowledge is power when it comes to skill-based gambling, and Texas Hold’em Poker is a part of it. So, if you obtain enough information about the worst and best hands in Texas Hold’em Poker, you will know what hands are worth keeping to play with and which are better to fold.


 In fact, it’s pretty easy to understand how to play Texas Hold’em Poker itself. What makes it challenging is knowing when you should keep playing or fold. 

Therefore, we prepared a list of the worst hands that you can have while playing Poker. Knowing these hands will let you define whether you should continue playing. Thus, if you have one of the following hands, it’s better not to play with those. So, folding them will be the better option to choose.  

Worst Hands in Poker – 2 and 7 Is One of the Worst Combinations That You Can Have in Texas Hold’Em Poker

One of the worst hands in Poker that you might face in Texas Hold’em Poker is 2 and 7 offsuit. These two cards are the lowest that you will not be able to make a straight with them. 

No matter whatever the scenario the game gets, the pair of 2 and 7 makes a very weak hand. Thus, even if they fit, they still make low flush.

It’s true that the possibility to get the pairs is always present but remember that these two make a very low pair together.  

2-8 Offsuit Is Almost the Same as 2-7 With a Slight Difference

The case with 2-8 offsuit hand makes almost the same scenario as with 2-7 offsuit starting hand. The only difference is that a combination of 2-8 is just a little bit better than 2-7 offsuit. That’s simply because 8 is higher than 7.

Nevertheless, it still makes one of the worst hands in poker that you should not proceed with. Dropping out of the game would be the better option here.   

3 and 8, 3 and 7 Are Just a Little Bit Better Than 2-7 and 2-8

Continuing on the worst hands in poker, the combination of 3-8 and 3-7 has not gone far from 2-8 and 2-7. Maybe just a little bit. 

If you have 3 and 8, you are still unable to make a straight. But there is a very probability of a straight to occur if you have 3 and 7. 

Once again, the probability to get the pairs is always in place, but the pairs are still low and you can’t change that. What you can do is to be careful with them.  

worst hands in poker
Let’s play!

If You Have 2 and 6, You Will Lose in 90% of the Cases

Once you see a draw of 2 and 6, it’s better to drop it because 90% of this combination will make you lose. No wonder why it makes one of the worst hands in poker. 

The magic might happen, and you might get flop of 3, 4, and 5 that will give you a straight. However, if any other player has 6 and 7, you will fail. 

9 Can Save You in Combinations of 2-9, 3-9, and 4-9

Among the worst hands in Poker, a hand of 2-9, 3-9, or 4-9 offsuit is just a little bit better. Well, that’s because 9 itself is a high card, thus, this is the only card that might save you. 

Once 9 pairs, you will have a middle pair. However, if other players have 10s, jacks, queens, kings, or aces they can easily beat you. 

9 and 5, Known as “Dolly Parton”

The next combination that makes one of the worst hands in poker is 9-5 which is famous as “Dolly Parton”. 

If you have a hand of 9 and 5, you can still play if you are playing just to entertain. In the end, it has a funny game, so, you can have some fun. 

Nevertheless, if you have a goal to win, it’s better not to play with these cards. 

worst hands in poker
What’s your lucky hand?

The Story Behind the Hand of 10-2

The hand of 10 and 2 has its mythical fame. It’s just because it’s the hand that Doyle Brunson used to win two bracelets of World Series of Poker. But that’s only the story behind it, so, let’s come to reality. And in this reality, this hand is not a good one to play with. Therefore, if you are going to continue strongly believing that you would win, that’s probably not going to work. 

Not the Worst Hand in Poker Ever, but Not the Best Either

There is a mistake that is very common for most of the dummies in Texas Hold’em Poker. And it’s that different paintings on the cards, like queens or jacks, can easily attract their attention. Thus, they choose to play with them. Though it’s not that bad as some other worst hands in poker, it’s not going to instantly make you a winner. Therefore, it’s better to get familiar with the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker for dummies first. 

Still, practice makes it perfect – the more you play, the easier it becomes for you to get lucky in a game. Try playing Texas Hold’em Poker at one of the best online casinos in the US with some of the best betting odds – Bovada. It’s Christmastime soon, so, keep an eye on the online gambling promotions in the US! 


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