Bet on Solskjaer to be Sacked Next in the Premier League

  • Solskjaer’s men are yet to win on home soil
  • Man United had too many defeats in the first two months of the season
Bet on Solskjaer to be sacked

Man United’s Ole Solskjaer has come under fire lately for his home losses. He also received wide criticism after the defeat against Istanbul Basaksehir in the Champions League. The recent losses have put him among the favorites in the Premier League to lose their jobs. Thus, you can now place a bet on Solskjaer to be sacked anytime soon.

According to online sportsbook news in the United Kingdom, this is not the first time Solskjaer is on the verge to lose his job at Old Trafford. However, this time is the most decisive one. Last season he went down the rabbit hole but emerged victorious finishing 3rd in the Premier League.

This season Solskjaer started poorly. His men are yet to find consistency. They got great results against RB Leipzig and PSG but lost easily to one of the weakest contenders in this UCL competition. They had some good streaks in the Premier League but immediately faced bad ones. How long will Solskjaer survive before he receives that call from the executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward? The bookies expect it to be soon. Thus, you should seriously consider placing a Bet on Solskjae to be sacked.

Man United’s setbacks this season

Bet on Solskjaer to be sacked
Ole G Solskjaer – Stig Ove Voll, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The last game in the Premier League against Everton was an impressive one. Solskjaer’s men got the precious three points with a 3-1 win at Goodison Park. However, that did not change the fact that Manchester United is still 14th placed on the PL table. The team holds only 10 points – a total of eight points off leaders Leicester City.

Manchester United started the season with a 1-3 defeat against Crystal Palace at home. On Matchday 3 the Red Devils suffered from the heaviest defeat conceding six goals against Tottenham. Later on, they lost 0-1 to Arsenal. Sadly Solskjaer’s men are yet to win on home soil after two months of the 2020/21 season.

Why should you bet on Solskjaer to be sacked?

Many online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom expected Solskjaer to be safe for the entire season after winning against both RB Leipzig and PSG. Those are certainly precious wins, but they were followed by a shocking 1-2 loss against Istanbul Basaksehir. The problems are likely with the defense and the work rate off the ball.

Maybe there is no toxic environment yet in the dressing room as it was when Jose Mourinho was in charge. However, should Manchester United fail to get back to the top six soon, a bet on Solskjaer to be sacked with 4/1 odds at BetVictor can be a great bargain.

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