Gambling For MBTI Personality Types – The Four Core Archetypes


Posted: April 9, 2024

Updated: April 9, 2024

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We have collected our opinions on how gambling for MBTI personality types might look like. Join us if you are interested in psychology, gambling games, and of course, topics on how to improve ourselves mentally. No matter, if you are a gambler or not, responsible gambling and personality awareness, are always great to spare a few minutes for.

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Today we are going to talk about many people’s favorite topics! This is the Myer Briggs personality indicator. We brought you an amazing topic: Gambling for MBTI personality types. Instead of listing all of the 16 personalities, we are going to generalize them to the core 4 categories. Furthermore, we will give you a brief introduction to MBTI in case you have not heard about it before.

If you are interested in this amazing discovery, then we are here to provide you with all of our opinions on the subject matter. Of course, if you just want to play gambling games, feel free to browse our list of online casino sites in the US. We recommend you use our country selector to find your locally legal and trustworthy sites! And now, let us jump right into the topic.

Introduction – Gambling For MBTI Personality Types

Let’s start by explaining what the MBTI is. Many people falsely believe that this is similar to horoscopes because many people use it as a replacement for horoscopes. However, the reality is far different. Myer Briggs has created a list, which can give you a fairly valid analysis of your core personality based on a series of questions. This is going to categorize you into 16 different personality types. According to the 16 personalities, these personality types have 4 groups, in which we have 4 personalities. This makes up the 16 in total. The full list looks like this:

  • Analysts: Architect, Logician, Debater, Commander
  • Diplomats: Advocate, Mediator, Protagonist, Campaigner
  • Sentinels: Logistician, Defender, Executive, Consul
  • Explorers: Virtuoso, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Entertainer

Keep in mind that no matter the personality type, gambling is a different activity. However, their opinions and preferences in gambling might be affected by their personality type. To find yours, just register at VAVE Casino!

analytics in gambling


Let’s start with the analyst. When it comes to the analysts, they are heavily analytical but not necessarily smart or scientific. They can easily see opportunities, and make a great analysis on the best outcomes. They would likely enjoy analyzing sports betting or horse betting. Playing poker wouldn’t be too far away from their expertise, but I feel like they would get overwhelmed with it sometimes due to the social aspect.

According to Real Money Action, they would not enjoy games that are not going to give them strategic opportunities. Gambling for MBTI personality types might not be too prevalent, but all of the Analysts would pick something they can analyze. We say sports betting is their game! 

Diplomatic gambling

Diplomats – Gambling For MBTI Personality Types

The diplomats are great people, most of them are those who understand how to speak to different types of people, using different types of languages. Therefore, the diplomats would be some of the greatest casino workers by the standard. However, when we are trying to pick a game for them, we believe that they would try to approach it from the human side. For example, they would be best at creating gambling thesis statement ideas.

Not enjoying an advocate for gambling, but at the same time, they see good opportunities in it as well. Therefore, our top bet for the diplomats would be either an actual casino job or rather something light like bingo or the lottery. Something they can manage without having to make too much of a financial or time investment. Our pick here is the lottery.

Sentinel gambling for MBTI personality types


The sentinels would probably be against talking about gambling for MBTI personality types. According to the Personality Cafe, most who claim to be in the sentinel category on the forum, are all the ones to try and raise awareness of mental illness among gamblers. These people are just guardians and helpers. However, this does not mean that some individuals wouldn’t enjoy healthy gambling games. We believe that they enjoy the games which they can assist others in.

Perhaps, this is calling for table games where a set of groups are playing against one dealer. This is a game like baccarat or pai gow. However, we can see some of the sentinels in poker. Bingo might also be their thing, especially if it is about assisting and organizing a charity bingo event. Our pick here is probably baccarat and pai gow.

Explorers in gambling

Explorers – Gambling For MBTI Personality Types

Oh, the explorers. How much do we love the explorers? These are the people who would read our article on: What does your favorite game say about you? – Just take a look at some of the most popular celebrities in Las Vegas. Elvis Presley, Britney Spears, and even Frank Sinatra. They all come from the explorer personality group. There are many different takes on what they would enjoy.

The entrepreneur would likely take the challenge of Texas Hold’em. While most of the more energetic and intuitive, and less analytic personalities would be all about playing slots, and then screaming and jumping if they win something. Therefore, our top picks for their games are slots and blackjack.

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Where To Try Gambling Games Online?

Now that you understand gambling for MBTI personality types, we are here to give you some general advice. If you are planning to discover gambling, please keep in mind that these games should be done with responsible gambling. Make a safe budget, and do not chase losses. Better to lose $10 than to try and chase and lose $100.

However, if you feel like you are in perfect control to just play some games and quit no matter if you win or lose, then these games can be pretty good! To try any of them, all you have to do is to register at a website. Our top recommendation is VAVE Casino. Their ambassador is an Olympic athlete, whose reputation would be in shambles if VAVE was not trustworthy. Thus, most people highly trust them.

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