A Gambling Gang In India (And Their Calculator) Are Captured

Gambling gang in India
What happened to the gambling gang in Inida? (source:

Sat in a casino in India it is probably amusing to read of those arrested for illegal gambling in India, after all, these days there’s no need to break Indian gambling laws one merely need travel a little, however the gambling gang in India who were arrested this week might draw a little solace from the fact that their capture hardly made the local police look entirely competent.

  • Rs 7.72 Lakh in cash confiscated in raids across the region
  • Gang targeted T20 competitions like the Nidahas Trophy
  • Local gambling task force arrest four for illegal bookmaking
  • Dangerous calculator cornered and captured by local police

Arresting an illegal gambling gang in India is, as with everywhere else, is a feather in any policeman’s helmet, and the Task Force in Hyderabad revelled in announcing, in distinctly proud tones, the four arrests spread over several separate locations of those involved in illegal bookmaking on T20 events like the Nidahas Trophy (which India won), however they then spoilt the entire image created by listing not just those arrested by also the somewhat innocuous items confiscated by officers during the raid.

Gambling Gang In India Arrested With Televisions


A calculator in custody (for illustration purposes only)

Two televisions, two set top boxes (because if what sort of gambling gang in India doesn’t have a digital TV hook up these days?) and 10 cell phones were among the items taken into custody, however it is the triumphant capture of a calculator that most makes police look silly. Should illegal poker rooms in India relax because they’ve no need of one? Will online gambling in India become safe and secure because computers are larger and have more buttons? The Indian police will doubtless tell us.

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