Gambling In Cyprus Faces Crap Christmas Crack Down

Cyprus gambling laws

Cypriot gambling laws lag behind popular enjoyment of recreational betting but this Christmas gambling in Cyprus faces a crack down by the island’s police force who are scrupulous in their attention of detail, however given their results so far you can’t help thinking it’s a bit more Keystone Kops than Miami Vice and that gamblers in Cyprus have less to worry about than Gladys Pardu or their own police accountants.

Gambling in Cyprus is a little like Schrodinger’s cat in that it potentially exists in two states at once, with the northern Turkish controlled portion of the island tolerating any form of betting you can pronounce correctly three times out of five, and the southern Greek part of the island frowning on any gambling that might take place outside designated casinos or, in the case of sports betting, involve the massive taxation of everyone taking part. Thus most travel north to do their gambling, most but not all.

Crack Down on Gambling

  • Greek Cyprus
  • Illegal poker games
  • 18 arrests
  • 318 cards seized

It is those breaking the rules of this ridiculous gambling apartheid that the police in the southern Cyprus wish to crack down upon, although given their results thus far, and some of the statements they’ve made, you can’t help wondering if they didn’t have better things to do than crack down on gambling in Cyprus and indeed if they’re really cut out to be involved in the fight against the illicit and illegal betting business in their portion of this Mediterranean marvel, popular with tourists world wide.

Cypriot Police Bust Card Games Seizing 166 Euros

“The police, in order to stamp out any breach of legislation on gambling will make daily intensive checks at casinos, clubs, cafes and other premises, both in towns and villages and in cases where any violation is identified, will immediately make reports.” Said a statement from the police department indicating that pretty much, if you like to bet on sports in Cyprus without paying their unrealistically high taxes, and can’t be sensible and log onto Bet365, you can carry on doing so illegally, because that reads like the mission statement of a precocious 6 year old on cocaine.

Cyprus police force

Cypriot police recently busted 18 people involved in an illegal poker hall (photo:

First let’s look at the whole “daily intensive checks” gambit because that sounds impressive. Just how many officers does this unit have? Not many apparently given so far they’ve arrested 18 people for playing poker and a 61 coffee shop manager, gaining a 166 Euro cash haul that indicates just how big this problem is for the people of Cyprus. However it’s the mention of “casinos” in the list that reminds me of Claude Rains famed line “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here!” from Casablanca. Illegal gambling checks at a casino? What’s next? Speed cameras at the Indy 500?

Gambling In Cyprus Easier & Cheaper On Bet365

However apart from those and the silly “both in towns and villages” melodramatic air, ignoring the idea that they’ll actually be checking casinos for gambling in Cyprus, it is perhaps the final dire threat that gets the biggest laugh. “… cases where any violation is identified, will immediately make reports.” Reports, eh? Gosh well that’s intimidating. I bet organized crime is shaking in their shoes after reading that warning. There’s nothing that large well coordinated criminal gangs are afraid of more than “reports”, right?

However the best indication that these efforts are not going to make an impact worthy of Cypriot gambling news headlines is the police’s insistence in listing the number of cards confiscated from these unsanctioned poker games. In one case 212, in another 106. That’s four and two packs of cards respectively. So all the expense, the organization and effort of the fight against illegal gambling in Cyprus has nabbed 18 people playing poker and six packs of cards. Anyone want to bet just how much the anti-gambling unit in Greek controlled Cyprus will have their budget cut in the next financial year?

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