Real Madrid Transfer Ban Appeal Partially Accepted

Real Madrid Transfer Ban

FIFA intended to reward a Real Madrid transfer ban to the Spanish giant club, just like they did to Barcelona. However, the higher court thought differently.

Online gambling news in Spain have been highly active these past few months: they were all writing about a possible Real Madrid transfer ban. Should that have happened, the Galacticos would not have been able to buy new players in the next two transfer windows. Well, almost: they were allowed to buy new players but they could not have registered them so they would not have been allowed to play.

Atletico Madrid’s football punishment has been upheld and they will be given the same sanction as Barcelona were: they will be closed out of one winter, and one summer transfer windows, starting from 1st of January, 2017. Of course, Barcelona representatives are not happy about the revoke of Real Madrid transfer ban: they feel like it’s unfair because the two cases should have been treated equally but this way, they feel like Real Madrid are treated with positive discrimination.

CAS favours Real Madrid over Barca?

That cannot really be the case. Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) is a professional courtesy board with the best lawyers and juries in the football industry. They could not allow such a shame on themselves to treat cases differently based on which football team they are hoping to help. That is just absurd and shows the nonsense in Barcelona president Bartomeu’s reasoning.

He said that he would have expected Real Madrid transfer ban to be upheld by the courtesy because they did unrighteous things of the same gravity as the Blaugrana. However, according to the official statement by CAS, Real Madrid were to blame in much less cases and of much fewer gravity than their Catalan rivals.

Real Madrid to sign new stars again?

Online sportsbooks in Spain must be quite happy about the decision. The Real Madrid transfer rumours have already begun thanks to the surprising decision by CAS and many questions already arose: Who is going to be the first player to leave Real Madrid because of all this? And even more important, who is going to replace him?

The most likely player to be sent away due to the softened transfer ban must be James Rodriguez. The Colombian midfielder arrived for quite an expensive price but still has not been good enough to become an important member in Zidane’s team. Chelsea, PSG, Man City and many others are more than interested…

Should James leave Real Madrid, we will definitely see another record breaking transfer fee which would most probably mean Pérez could sign another player whom he would love to see in his team. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo is not getting any younger so a new star player might be needed for Los Merengues.

Famous UK online sportsbooks, such as BetVictor think differently, however. They feel like it’s more likely that the club will sign a new manager instead of a new world class player. You can bet on Zidane going on as Real Madrid manager for 3.00 (2/1) odds, but if you think the French legend will be replaced any time soon, you can easily place your bet at BetVictor!

The most surprising names on the online sportsbook’s list might be David Beckham, Sir Alex Ferguson and Cristiano Ronaldo to replace Zinedine Zidane, but Pep Guardiola would also be a bit of a shock. Their respective odds are 67.00 (66/1), 67.00 (66/1), 67.00 (66/1) and 34.00 (33/1).

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