Gambling Kingpin Jailed for 18 Months for Running Illegal Gaming Ring

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Gary Saikaley received the 18 month verdict on his 51st birthday, after being found guilty for managing an illegal sportsbook.

Crown prosecutor Julie Scott claims that Saikaley was highly skilled and proficient at his gambling work. Evidence supports the fact that Saikaley was tasked with the main administration of the betting ring, which contributed money to an illegal organization.

The illegal casino also provided some mobile betting services as well. The total revenue accumulated was in the region of $5 million. Profits were reported to be around $1.2 million.

Scott was stern in her argument, stating that illegitimate gambling is as bad as any other serious crime, as she compared it to running guns and dope. “Gaming is one of the spokes of criminal organization.”

The entire operation lasted for two years, after which Ontario’s undercover police arrested him in November 2012.

Gary Saikaley pleaded to the journalists, as he requested that the press do not portray a negative image of him.

Judge Hugh Fraser welcomed Saikaley’s guilty plea, which enabled the court to avoid having a long and strenuous trial.

Saikaley’s lawyer believes in client’s innocence

Saikaley’s lawyer, Bruce Engel, on the other hand, strongly opposed the notion that his client is guilty of breaking any Canadian gambling laws.

Engel claimed that Saikaley was not “pulling the strings,” but was rather a meaningless member of the institution. “He was essentially a manager, an employee of the organization.”

The lawyer further stated that since the arrest, Saikaley has actually been doing some modest work at a local restaurant, while also being a handyman.

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