Gambling Tarot Reading For Starting 2024 – Pick A Pile Today!

Posted: November 29, 2023

Updated: November 29, 2023

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This is our gambling tarot reading for starting in 2024! If you are interested in divine guidance, or perhaps a story to understand how your brain auto-fills information. Then join us! Because we have hand-drawn every single card for you, we have added our special extra: The Guide card. This way, you will know how to face the challenges coming your way right now.

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Today we are going to provide you with a gambling tarot reading for starting 2024. This is going to be a quick, and extremely simple, yet effective way to read. We are going to use a popular format, in which you are going to pick one, out of three different piles. The one you have taken intuitively is going to provide you with three cards. Before we start to explain how to interpret your reading, keep in mind that responsible gambling is heavily recommended.

If you are here to find gambling sites, please browse our collection of online casino sites in the US. If none available? Then proceed to our country selector. Finally, if you are here just getting a read, you are more than welcome to tag along! Join us today, and let the cards become guiding lights!

Introduction To The Gambling Tarot Reading For Starting 2024

Before we begin, I must get into the explanation of how these things work. First things first, please take a look at our gambling tarot for December. According to the CBC, tarot is not truly a force of divinity, rather it is the art of understanding our brain and subconscious by understanding the meaning attached to art and story.

Those who are more interested in the esoteric field of tarot may interpret the cards as they wish. Keep in mind that no reading can guarantee wins in gambling. Rather, it can discover something going on with you. If you wish to apply your luck, please register at VAVE Casino. Because they have a large repertoire of gambling games which you can try only, fully safe! Now, pick from 3 piles, and scroll down to the one you selected!

  • Pile 1: Floral Prism
  • Pile 2: Emerald Mountains
  • Pile 3: Dark Harvest

The floral prism pile for Tarot

Pile 1: Floral Prism

Vigorous, balanced, and colorful. The floral prism fits those who feel like they are the seed of a flower of euphoria. Interested in romantic connections, beyond relationships. A reserved, but at the same time open and dreamy nature fits these cards. You love fantasy, and deep inside, love, peace, and tranquility is your greatest desire. For you, we have drawn three plus one cards which we are going to read and interpret:

  • Past: Ace of Wands
  • Present: Death
  • Future: Eight of Cups
  • Guide: The Emperor

Your guidance card, The Emperor fits your personality well! According to the Biddy Tarot, the sign of the Emperor hints at a peaceful experience with your driving forces for the next year’s transition. Now, let’s see your gambling tarot reading for starting 2024.

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Interpretation – Gambling Tarot Reading For Starting 2024

We start strong with the Ace of Wands. 2023 for you was described the most as a burning passion. A torch-lit against the cloudy sky to separate it to reach the light. Last year, you were passionate about something. However, in the present, you are experiencing the card of Death. Death suggests the end of a cycle. Perhaps, this passion is now over.

The outcome is going to depend on how you are going to cope with the fact that this passion might no longer burn. Your early 2024 is perfectly described by the Eight of Cups, meaning that something is missing. Perhaps, the theme for the next year in you is to reignite the passion you had in 2023. Your guide is The Emperor, meaning that you need security, and a system that keeps everything under control to have a positive outcome. Is this about poker?

Emerald Mountains Pile in tarot

Pile 2: Emerald Mountains

You have chosen the Emerald Mountain to give you a gambling tarot reading for starting 2024. Which means that you are adventurous. You might feel a little down at the moment, but you see a bright green mountain ahead, and you are ready to climb it. You already know that your path is full of challenges, but you do not care for the hardships. Rather, you care what is on the top, or the tools in which you can survive once you reach the more intriguing parts of this particular emerald mountain.

  • Past: Ace of Pentacles reversed
  • Present: Three of Cups
  • Future: Two of Wands
  • Guide: Justice

According to Reddit, with symbols, we are reflecting ourselves. And if you know yourself, then you know everything about the universe. Your guide, the Justice will rely on you to be able to peel the illusion of beauty from the truth.

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Interpretation – Gambling Tarot Reading For Starting 2024

Let’s start our reading with the Ace of Pentacles reversed. During 2023, you feel like you have lost out on an opportunity. Perhaps, you have seen a friend win the lotto. Maybe you didn’t purchase the ticket while you felt the right numbers. And right now, you are in the state of Three of Cups. You are trying to gather people around you. You want to make up for your lost opportunities, by surrounding yourself with people.

This way, you are hoping for new scenarios, stories, and of course, opportunities to come. This is going to lead you into 2024, with the Two of Wands. At the beginning of the year, you will have to have courage and daring. Therefore, you will push your limits and potentially your comfort zone. Have strength. Your guide knows that beauty is nothing compared to justice and truth.

The dark harvest pile

Pile 3: Dark Harvest

We have arrived at the third category. Your decision was the Dark Harvest to become your guide for the gambling tarot reading starting in 2024. This suggests that you wish to crop something out from last year. Perhaps, from your present. Strangely enough, we are starting the pile with two reversed cards. 

  • Past: Nine of Cups reversed
  • Present: Ten of Pentacles reversed
  • Future: Three of Swords
  • Guide: The High Priestess

But as you can see, the future hints at a non-reversed card, and you have a particular card as your guide. While you might not feel up for things such as horoscopes and gambling games, at the same time? This might be the year when something is finally over.

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Let’s see how the gambling tarot reading for starting 2024 works out for you. A sign of disappointment and dissatisfaction. Perhaps, before 2023 you were working hard. Yet, you felt like you were nowhere near the point where you wanted to be. Maybe you were even further behind than where you started. Something you expected did not fulfill at all. The present is represented by the Ten of Pentacles. You are experiencing financial difficulties.

A hard time with setting back on your path. Evident that this is connected to the Cups earlier. But in 2024, you will enter the Three of Swords. You will have to face heartbreak and an even more sorrowful experience. Through this time, your guide should be the High Priestess. Creativity, subconscious, duality. Remain still and passive, and wait for the Sun to rise. Try to be cautious while playing at VAVE Casino.

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