GameAccount Inks Big Deal with Indian Casino

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Oklahoma may be a bastion of anti-gambling sentiment, but it is getting a free to play online casino accessible on a variety of formats.

UK iGaming developer GameAccount has signed a deal with Oklahoma’s Osage Casino to provide a promotional online casino. By “promotional” this means free to play. According to American gambling laws
states can create their own legal online gambling markets, but Oklahoma has chosen not to do so.

The deal will allow users to play all of Osage’s casino games in a promotional format via desktop, tablet, iPhone and Android. Osage hopes that this will help bring gamblers through the casino’s doors. GameAccount CEO Dermot Smurfit expressed optimism about the future of the gambling market in Oklahoma: “There is a significant opportunity within Oklahoma State and throughout the US to grow the Osage Casino brand online…We are delighted to partner with Osage Casino.”

Only Indian gambling for Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of several US states which maintain a ban on commercial casinos; casinos can only be built on federally-administered tribal land. It is a deeply Republican state with strong anti-gambling sentiment, and there has been little to no talk of expanding casino licenses.

While New Jersey and Delaware now have licensed online casinos in America, there is no indication that Oklahoma will follow suit. The Osage casino will be free play only, but in an ironic twist one of America’s most anti-gambling states will get an online casino after all.

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