Who Gets The Best Of The 2018 Asia Cup Betting Odds?

Posted: September 14, 2018

Updated: September 14, 2018

When the Asian Cricket Council was set up to foster better sporting relations between the nations of the region little did they know they would soon be presiding over one of the important milestones on the road to the World Cup, and as the players get ready to face off against each other in the United Arab Emirates it's time to check out the Asia Cup betting odds and see which of the teams to back at Unibet, one of the best online betting sites in the UAE (if you've a VPN), to win this time round.

  • Are the Asia Cup betting odds on Hong Kong entire fair at 500/1?
  • Could Afghanistan overcome their 20/1 chances at Unibet to win?
  • Will it be India or Pakistan who come out on top this year?
  • Can Sri Lanka sneak at win at 6/1 just by staying calm and methodical?

Harking back to the mid-eighties when Cricket was facing a number of scandals and needed to display a bit of unity the Asian Cricket Council has gainfully pushed forward its agenda of cooperation and development within the sport among its 25 member associations with their cup competitions being part and parcel of that. This means the great rise in popularity of the One Day International format there will be more than a few fans of cricket checking out the Asia Cup betting odds at sites like Unibet.

Indeed whilst it might be frowned upon by this year’s hosts, the UAE, the other nations involved are slowly gaining an understanding that to rail against recreational gambling is to throw revenue down the drain which is why India is already discussing the legalization of sports gambling. Don’t expect the hosts to follow suit (UAE gambling laws are quite strict) any time soon and begin offering Asia Cup betting odds of their own, but change is coming and this contest is one of the engines of that change.

Will It Come Down To An India/Pakistan Final?

Babar Azam
Babar Azam (Pakistan)

The ODI format lends itself to this quick fire round robin style of tournament nearly as much as the T20 game does, however with the Cricket World Cup next year it takes on far more significance than it’s forty over long cousin, especially as India have just returned from a disappointing tour of England, and now have to face off against their old rivals Pakistan, who are second favorites to win the tournament and being given Asia Cup betting odds of around 5/2 at Unibet, only just behind India.

The fact India are favorites at the bookies like Unibet will not impress their selectors after the nearly-but-not-quite performance in England, but with Asia Cup betting odds of 5/6 they do seem to stand a better chance, specially when the rest of the teams can barely scrape up odds in single digits. Indeed if you like to bet on sports in the UAE India and Pakistan might seem the only rational choices, given only one of the others gets a price in single digits. Not that I think you should back Sri Lanka to win.

Find All The Asia Cup Betting Odds At Unibet Today

Asia Cup Betting Odds

  • Hong Kong – 500/1
  • Afghanistan – 20/1
  • Bangladesh – 12/1
  • Sri Lanka – 6/1
  • Pakistan – 5/2
  • India – 5/6

Sure, those 6/1 Asia Cup betting odds that Unibet are giving them may make them seem like a decent three placed team, but compared to India and Pakistan the gulf between quality of play is massive, which probably also applies to Bangladesh who only get 12/1 to win the Asia Cup and Afghanistan at 20/1 has more hope of peace than it does of victory on the cricket pitch, although the real tail end charlies of this particular incarnation of the tournament are Hong Kong at 500/1 and without a hope.

Hong Kong face Pakistan in their first match and India in their second, the Asia Cup betting odds on either match are so one sided they could be a Mobius strip, and whilst no one is in the UAE gambling news headlines will suddenly begin to scream of outrageous upset because Hong Kong won against either team, they shouldn’t be surprised if the side with far less pressure and expectation upon it manages to turn in a decent performance along the way, after all this is Cricket. Anything can happen.

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