Is Gambling On British Politics The Same As Horse Racing?

Posted: September 14, 2018

Updated: September 14, 2018

With former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, the UK mini-me version of Donald Trump, now the favorite to be the next Prime Minister the current one has to wonder if Theresa's days aren't numbered, but should she really fret or will Bojo fall foul of the Conservative party too? If you like gambling on British politics sites like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, this is a golden opportunity to back the moptop to win or lose just as soon as the stalking horse race gets underway.

  • Could Boris Johnson be the next Conservative leader?
  • Can Jacob Rees-Mogg beat those 7/1 odds to become PM?
  • Will Sajid Javid really be the compromise candidate this time?
  • Is Gove gambling on British politics to have forgotten his failings?
Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Hunt

Faced with riots in the streets a flunky once told a king that his people were revolting, to which the notable noble replied “Tell me something I don’t know.” Embattled Prime Minister Theresa May must have a deep understanding of his dual sentiments as the challenge to her leadership gains pace and her one time colleagues and supposed friends get ready to stab her in the back, but is this experienced politician gambling on British politics to retain enough sense not to follow the American populist lead?

The similarities between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are not immediately obvious, although they both do have ridiculous hair, but the right wing populist stances are alike as far as they need be, with the pair sharing a capacity to make themselves look foolish. Trump believes hurricanes don’t kill people and Bojo got strung up on a wire. However if you’re in the UK gambling laws of common sense would keep this idiot from power remember you’re gambling on British politics to be sensible, and it isn’t.

Bring On The Stalking Horses!

Voting for Brexit has mired the UK in an horrific situation over which Theresa May now presides without much conviction and with negotiations with the EU making as much progress as trench warfare in World War One seems doomed to take rap. Indeed there are some who would say the only reason she has not yet been ousted by her party is because they want her to take the blame for Brexit before she goes, which sounds silly, but you rarely lose gambling on British politics to be sexist and mercenary.

Sajid Javid
Sajid Javid

This week there was an open meeting of Conservative MPs to discuss the removal of the Prime Minister, which might sound seditious but is just how it works, and indeed anyone in the UK gambling news of this meeting signals a definite end to Theresa’s premiership should think again. No one is going to make a move without being very certain of their footing, and those frequently gambling on British politics are already looking for the next obvious move on the part of the party. A stalking horse.

Do Your Gambling On British Politics At Bet365

Next Conservative Party Leader

  • Jeremy Hunt – 10/1
  • Michael Gove – 8/1
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg – 7/1
  • Sajid Javid – 9/2
  • Boris Johnson – 4/1

They say that he who wields the knife never wears the crown and so traditionally someone besides those actually in the running first stands against the PM to gauge support for their removal before the real candidates step in. This then will actually signal the start of the end, and with a leadership contest in the party now only 15/8 the bookies like Bet365 seem to think it’s only days away, so if you like gambling on British politics now is the time to pick your favorite, to be leader of the Tory party.

Boris Johnson is a good bet getting the shortest odds at around 4/1 on sites like Bet365 to inherit from Theresa, with Sajid Javid at 9/2 (however unrealistically if we’re honest). Jacob Rees-Mogg (MP for the 16th century) is 7/1 to lead the party next whilst Gove gets 8/1 and Jeremy Hunt (well known announcers error) a reassuringly distant 10/1. You might normally bet on sports in the UK like horse racing, well right now gambling on British politics is to await a stalking horse to get up to the gate.

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