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Posted: November 16, 2023

Updated: November 16, 2023

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This is our full review of the available Gotham Awards 2023 odds. If you are interested in wagering, then make sure to register before the event begins! This year we can see Ryan Gosling bringing home at least one award. However, there are many hard decisions, and we are here to debate the valuable bets. Of course, those we do not mention are not worth the risk.

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Today we are going to talk about the Gotham Awards 2023 odds. This means that we are going to give you our insight and report on the most recent updates in the world of independent filmmaking. If you love independent movies, or just series in general, then this is the place you should visit! We have several great titles this year, including Poker Face, Beef, and The Last Of Us. Furthermore, you will find some new names among the odds! To be able to wager, please register at some of the online sportsbook sites in Singapore. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the available odds for the Independent Movie Award, or in another name, the Gotham Awards!

About The Gotham Awards 2023 Odds

Let us quickly summarize what this award ceremony is all about. If you want to learn more about the expectations, you can check last year’s Gotham awards, and compare it to the results. Generally, the idea is that the Gotham Awards seeks to honor independent film creators. Independent filmmaking means that they are controlled by more things than just the creator alone.

Thus, they are not getting funded by more than the sponsors and the supporters. Therefore, they lack the gigantic budgets some Hollywood movies can afford to put into their production. In conclusion, the Gotham Awards honors those who stay dedicated to the concept over the funding. Register at 22Bet Sportsbook to be able to wager on any of the markets below!

The Poker face is not on the frontrunners

Best Performance In A New Series

Let’s start the Gotham Awards 2023 odds. Just take a look at how Natasha Lyonne is at the bottom of the list, even though she is probably a worldwide fan favorite. However, Steven Yeun’s performance in Beef fully deserves the award. In the same show, Ali Wong’s character can be interpreted as a potential winner too. I do not believe that Bella Ramsey is going to receive the award. According to Twitter, this isn’t the first tie at the top in history. Independent performers are always outstandingly amazing and passionate.

Best Performance In A New Series

  • Steven Yeun – Beef – 4.5
  • Ali Wong – Beef – 5
  • Bella Ramsey – The Last Of Us – 8
  • Rachel Weisz – Dead Ringers – 8
  • Jacob Anderson – Rice’s Interview with the Vampire – 8
  • Chaske Spencer – The English – 9
  • Natasha Lyonne – Poker Face – 10
  • Jharrel Jerome – I’m A Virgo – 10
  • Bel Powley – A Small Light – 10

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Best Lead Performance – Gotham Awards 2023 Odds

Moving on to the best lead performance, I believe this is one of the categories we can predict without any sort of difficulties. We can easily compare lead performers to each other, in contrast to side characters who are influenced by both the staff and the writers. According to Variety, Ellis Taylor from Origin was the first to be announced. However, we agree that either Jeffrey Wright or Greta Lee is going to receive the award. Andrew Scott was okay, but nothing compared to Wright.

Best Lead Performance

  • Jeffrey Wright – American Fiction – 2
  • Greta Lee – Past Lives – 4.5
  • Lily Gladstone – The Unknown Country – 7
  • Andrew Scott – All of Us Strangers – 8
  • Aunjanue Ellis Taylor – Origin – 9
  • Michelle Williams – Showing Up – 10
  • Cailee Spaeny – Priscilla – 10
  • Teyana Taylor – A Thousand and One – 10
  • Franz Rogowski – Passages – 10
  • Babetida Sadjo – Our Father The Devil – 10

Independent movie makers

Outstanding Supporting Performance

Supporting performance is also super easy at the Gotham Awards 2023 odds. And this goes without trying to debate the winner. Ryan Gosling from Barbie. This man has outperformed himself in all aspects of acting. I’d wager that he could even receive the Independent Spirit award. Nonetheless, the debate is already over, and I highly encourage you to bet on Ryan Gosling. But you can also wager on Claire Foy if you are skeptical about Gosling.

Outstanding Supporting Performance

  • Ryan Gosling – Barbie – 2.75
  • Penelope Cruz – Ferrari – 4
  • Juliette Binoche – The Taste of Things – 4
  • Claire Foy – All of Us Strangers – 6
  • Jamie Foxx – They Cloned Tyrone – 6
  • Glenn Howerton – Blackberry – 9
  • Sandra Huller – The Zone of Interest – 11

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Best Feature – Gotham Awards 2023 Odds

Finally, we have reached the best feature. I think this is going to be a hard decision because pretty much this is up to the taste. I personally never understand the basis on which they pick the best feature. However, comparing the shows, Past Lives is outstanding compared to the rest on the list. Picking a great show this year is important. Because the WGA Strike has re-established the writers. Thus, the independent writers have to stand up for themselves once more.

Best Feature

  • Past Lives – 1.1
  • A Thousand And One – 5
  • Passages – 6
  • In the reality – 7.5
  • Showing Up – 11

If you are skeptical about Past Lives, I think it can be up par with Passages. Therefore, if you share my opinion you can split your betting budget on this category into two halves.

movie captured

Where To Bet On Movie Awards?

This is the end of the Gotham Awards 2023 odds. According to the Gotham Awards, the 33rd award ceremony is going to take place on Monday, November 27, 2023. If you are interested in betting, then you shouldn’t hesitate, as the odds are just going to decrease with every news and published opinion.

Take this chance to grasp some of these great odds, and register at 22Bet Sportsbook! – And if you are not interested in this award? You can find the Razzies, the Oscars, the MTV Music Awards, and even the Booker Prize Awards. You can also bet on celebrities and their private lives if that’s what you are into, and you can guess what will happen in upcoming shows such as Squid Game!

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