Grand Jury Thanks Cops For Closing Dangerous Illegal Gambling Cafes

Police raids, closing down four internet cafes running gambling operations in Jackson County, receive support of Grand Jury

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Over two weeks ago police raids on four internet cafes in Jackson County, Florida resulted in the closure of all four cafes. The internet cafes were alleged in running illegal gambling operations, where elderly church parishioners frequently gambled online.

This week the county’s Grand Jury voiced its support of the raids and even recommended Sargent O’Brien for a Medal of Bravery due to risking his life to provide backup when the first wave of Police Special Tactical forces was repelled by the feisty octogenarians.

The jury described the cafes in question as unlawful businesses, a public nuisance and a disgrace. State Attorney Glenn Hess told United States gambling news: “It’s clear the people of Jackson County will not sit still for a continued influx of these internet casinos. They don’t appreciate gambling there.”

Lawyers of the alleged online gambling cafes stated that there was no law forbidding their activity either on Florida’s books or in any Federal American gambling laws. Legal defense is based on the assumption that cafes offered sweepstakes similar to those offered in shops and restaurants.

However, Glen Hess disagrees: “We now have the evidence to show it was a sham, it was a joke. They weren’t selling anything that anyone wanted. They were just running a gambling house.” Naturally no online casinos in United States are permitted to operate under current regulations.

Current Florida regulations read that in case a business is offering a prize larger than $5,000, it must be registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. It was already discovered that none of the four cafes under investigation possess such registration.

Hess told the press that Jackson County case could serve as a great example for other states with similar cases. He said: “I’ve had a number of calls from law enforcement and reporters in different parts of the state where they’re fighting the same battle and they’ve asked for copies (of the grand jury’s report).”

All four internet cafes in question remain closed until the investigation completes and a verdict is provided.

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