Mybet Casino Receives Sports Betting License for Belgian Market

Mybet Casino becomes one of the first operators to acquire a license, allowing them to offer sports betting in Belgium

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Mybet Casino, an all-inclusive gaming destination, secured a license from Belgian Gaming Commission, allowing the company to offer land-based sports betting.

The company intends to apply for an extended license, potentially allowing it to become one of the first legal online sportsbooks in Belgium. Mybet Casino offers its members an online casino, online sportsbook and online poker within already regulated markets.

Changes to Belgian gambling laws are expected to be passed shortly, opening up the country’s online gaming market. Mybet Casino is in a great position to become one of the first operators in Belgium. The company is an official participant of the Belgian Gaming Commission’s “Internet Test Group”, set up to test the upcoming regulations changes.

Mybet Casino spokesperson had the following to say: “Legislation on the reorganization of the Belgian gaming market has only recently been passed. Similarly to Italy, France, Denmark and Spain before it, in April Belgium likewise followed the general trend in the EU of ending monopolies and allowing private gaming providers to operate in a regulated environment.”

Mathias Dahms, board member of JAXX SE, the owner of Mybet Casino, told Belgium gambling news: “While Germany’s federal states with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein are finding themselves increasingly isolated in the EU because of their protectionism, Belgium is yet another good example of how a market for gaming can be regulated sensibly and liberally – without stifling the emergence of competition in its infancy or neglecting sensitive topics such as player protection me gambling addiction.

QED Belgium SPRL is a newly established member company of the JAXX Group, holding the Belgian license for Mybet Casino. The F1 license is valid only for land-based betting shops, yet the company plans to apply for F1+ license, allowing online operations, once the necessary regulation changes take effect in Belgium.

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