Greek Basket League 2018 Winner Has Got to Be Panathinaikos

Greek Basket League is one of top national basketball leagues in Europe. Our two eternal enemies, Panathinaikos and Olympiacos, are once again battling to be Greek Basket League 2018 winner. Yet, we have no doubt that Panathinaikos is the ultimate hero.

In the 2017-2018 season of Greek Basket League, 26 games will be spread out from the 7th of October 2017 until the final playoff in June 2018. Out of the 14 teams participating, there will only be one Greek Basket League 2018 winner. Then, why is Panathinaikos your best bet? Let’s find out!

Unbeatable Stats This Season

Panathinaikos are invincible. With 11 games being played as of January 7, the beast won all of them and lost to no one. This is one of the reasons why they have the best odds to be Greek Basket League 2018 winner at 4/11, according to online sportsbook sites in Greece.

On the other hand, Panathinaikos’ nemesis is not performing well enough. Embarrassingly, Olympiacos lost 3 games out of 11. They have to play catch up to Panathinaikos. Nonetheless, these two teams are already guaranteed a place in the 2018 Greek Basket League semi-finals.

Longstanding Reputation

Winner is the brand of Panathinaikos. In 90 years that the Greek Basket League has been established, Panathinaikos swept a total of 35 titles which is the most wins in Greek basketball league history!

As for their foe’s records, the Olympiacos came in second by winning 12 titles. To their credit, they are among the more recent Greek Basket League winners in the year 2015 and 2016. Online gambling sites in Greece estimate the odds for Olympiacos to be Greek Basket League 2018 winner at 15/8. They can try but it’s unlikely that Panathinaikos will be beaten.

Panathinaikos to be Greek Basket League 2018 Winner

The verdict is settled then. Panathinaikos (4/11) are the bookies’ favorite to be Greek Basket League 2018 winner. Go ahead and place your bet on Panathinaikos with BetVictor Sportsbook. For your first deposit, BetVictor is offering 50 GBP in free sports bets and 10 GBP in casino bonus! Apart from this welcome offer, you can also explore more online sportsbook promotions in Greece.

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