Greek Casinos Files Complaint Against OPAP

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With a number of internet betting sites pointing the finger at the OPAP gaming company being a teacher’s pet for the Greek State, Mont Parnes Casino near Athens has filed a complaint with the European Commission.

The wave of accusations not only show an unfair bias from the Greek state towards the land-based and online casino in Greece, but also the recent complains touch on how the state permits punters to smoke in the OPAP betting shops which have video lottery terminals (VLTs).

The complaints have been addressed to the European Commission, since lifting the smoking ban at the VLT venues demonstrates a clear advantage for the OPAP, who under Greek gambling laws have the exclusive VLT operating license.

Greek Casinos Fume Against OPAP

The letter to the European Commission continues to state that smoking at gaming venues and land-based casinos produce a direct impact on the takings and revenues.

Studies have shown that the smoking ban in other countries, and also in other casinos in Greece, have hit the betting industry hard, especially as smokers now have the option to turn to online or mobile casinos.

Greece has one of the highest tobacco consumption rates in the European Union, clocking in at 40% in 2010, and the smoking ban has demonstrated the negative effect seen in Greece’s betting shops.

However, despite the accusatory words from Mont Parnes Casino, its letter to the European Commission failed to state that smoking is in fact allowed in Greek casinos.

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