Growth of UK Mobile Casinos to Accelerate According to Top Analyst

A new study on gambling patterns expects further growth for mobile gaming sector in the upcoming five years

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Gambling consulting firm – H2 Gambling Capital, published the results of its latest study, focused on gaming patterns in UK. The study indicates that mobile casino gambling will continue its rapid growth and will gain even more popularity among gamers. The result of the study also suggest that usage patterns are likely to change in the upcoming years.

H2 Gambling Capital is well-known for its services to gaming companies operating under British gambling laws. The company also has a worldwide reputation for delivering accurate and in-depth analysis in its projects.

The results of the latest study once again underline the positive dynamics of mobile gaming, which helped top operators achieve impressive financial results. The study can be summarized in several points:

  • Mobile gambling market including mobile casinos was valued at Euro 2.22 billion in 2010
  • It is expected to reach Euro 5.4 billion by 2015, achieving a compound annual growth rate of 19.3%
  • At the end of 2010 the mobile gambling market represented 9.8% of interactive and 0.6% of gross gambling yield globally. This is predicted to grow to 12.9% and 0.9% respectively by 2013
  • Major contributor in mobile gambling was betting on racing, which represents 77% of global GGY. Over the next 5 years, the emphasis will move from racing to gaming and lottery thanks to player-friendly technology improvements
  • At the end of that 5 year period mobile betting will still represent 50.48% of the global mobile gambling market, yet casino gaming will have reached 39.82%, and lottery – 9.7%

It remains to be seen if these predictions will come true, however the incredible rate, at which mobile gambling is growing, could easily topple even these conservative expectations.

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