Handball World Championship Betting Tips to Win Gold


Posted: April 29, 2020

Updated: April 29, 2020

  • 2021 Handball World Championship betting tips – Who is the favorite win?
  • Denmark’s amazing run to win the 2019 World Title
  • Do not count any team out! Anyone can win!

The International Handball Federation (IHF) is responsible for organizing the World Men’s Handball Championship. Since 1938, the championship took place twenty-six times with the last one being held in 2019. Throughout the twenty-six tournaments, France has won the title six times, followed by Romania and Sweden with four titles. With the upcoming championship taking place in Egypt, Handball World Championship betting tips will be outlined in this article.

2019 Handball World Championship Edition

Germany and Denmark co-hosted the 2019 Handball World Championship. With the support of the home crowd, Denmark was successful in capturing their first-ever title by defeating Norway in the final with a score of 31-22. This was a unique championship tournament for three main reasons. First, as mentioned, this was the first time Denmark has won the title. Second, a record of 906,283 people were following the tournament which the highest in the history of the sport. Finally, a new format and rules were used in the tournament. In 2019, the betting odds favored France as they won the previous two editions, however, Denmark was able to knock out the champions in the semi-finals against the odds. Therefore, we will provide you with the 2021 Handball World Championship betting tips and information to consider when betting.

Handball World Championship Betting Tips
The Danish team in ’17 – Image source: Wenflou via Wikimedia Commons

Bet on the Current World Champions – Handball World Championship Betting Tips

The 2021 IHF World Handball Championship will be held in Egypt and online sportsbooks in Denmark are showing the current world champions are favorites to retain their title. The betting odds for Denmark are 3.45 which puts them as the strongest team in the tournament. This is expected as Denmark did not only win the 2019 edition in dominating fashion, they did so without losing any games. Furthermore, their level of superiority is evident as they defeated Norway in the final with a massive score of 31-22. Finally, in their squad, Denmark has Mikkel Hansen who has won the IHF World Player of the Year three times. He was also the top scorer of the last championship tournament with 72 goals. Therefore, having such a player will surely make a difference. When you take these factors into consideration, no wonder Denmark is the favorite for the upcoming title.

Do not Forget About the Competition – It is not Easy to Become the Champions of the World.

Even though betting odds are showing Denmark as the favorites, let us not forget about their tough competition. For example, France should never be underestimated as a real contender for the title. They have been at the top level of this sport winning the title six times. Furthermore, they have won the 2015 and 2017 world titles consecutively which demonstrates how much of a threat they are. Also, France was knocked out in the semi-finals in 2019 by the current champions, and they will be looking for revenge to regain their title. The handball World Championship betting odds of France to win the world title is 4.40, and a bet on them is a risk worth taking!

In addition, Spain has been on the rise in the sport of Handball, and they have belonged to the top of world-class in the past two decades. As former world champions in 2005 and 2013, Spain has the experience to perform well in such big tournaments. Furthermore, Winning the 2018 European Championship shows that they also have the talent to attain glory. As a result, Spain’s betting odds to win the world title are equal to France’s with 4.40 on 22Bet.

Finally, after being the runners-up in the last to editions, Norway will be looking to finally win that gold. With betting odds of 5.4 at the online gambling sites in Denmark. They are a legitimate contender to win the world title.

Although I have provided you with some of the 2021 Handball World Championship betting tips, anything can happen in this sport. An unexpected underdog, such as Croatia and Germany may win the title as their betting odds are equal to 7.8 and 9.6, respectively. Therefore, never count any team out!

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