Let’s Play The Price Is Right

There's not a day that you cannot turn on the TV, in almost any country around the world, and see the game show, "The Price is Right".

The Price Is Right
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Introduction: The Price is Right

It’s been watched by countless millions of people (that is bored housewives and students bunking off class) and probably there are many of them who dream of one day actually playing in the game itself. Imagine being a contestant, playing the pricing game, spinning that huge wheel, and maybe winning a new car. Here’s we’ll have a look at how to go about getting chosen for the game show.

Show Tickets First

First thing to do is that you’ll be needing to score tickets for the show itself. For this, you simply visit the show’s website and make your online purchase of them there. Or, if you’re in the area, then just pop into CBS’s office and buy your tickets. You show up to a taping of the show and wait in line along with all the other prospective audience members.

Get Picked to be a Contestant

Now it’s at this point, when you’re waiting in line to go in, that the show’s producers will start going down the line looking for possible contestants. You need to provide what they’re looking for. Namely, enthusiasm and excitement above all other things. Sometimes your choice of clothing can help your chances. But the main thing is a bubbly and fun personality. If you either don’t have or can’t muster this, then the show is not for you. No one wants to watch something downbeat.

Anyhow, if you are not picked just open one of the online casino sites in the US to win the same amount while watching the lucky ones in The Price is Right.

The Price is Right: Come on Down!

The selection process is as follows: firstly 4 contestants are chosen from the studio audience. They all come down to the “Contestant’s Row” at the front of the stage. When one of them is chosen to come onto the stage, then their place is taken by another audience member until all four contestants are chosen. If the Gods of television are shining their love down on you, then you’ll hear your name called during the show. Get up, wave your head/hands/hair in demented fashion whilst grinning like a village idiot, and then make you way up onto the sound stage. Now once you’re there, then just play the game. Remember that the person with the closest bid as to the value of the prize is most likely going to be the one taking it home. It is a pricing game after all.

The Price Is Right
The Price Is Right Wheel – Image Source: Flickr

Play a Pricing Game

If you happen to make the bid closest to the actual retail price, then you’ll get to play the pricing game. Wave your head around a bit and smile like your grandmother’s life depends on it. Now, as you probably know, prizes run from such things as furniture, trips to exotic locations, and cars. There are a variety of pricing games, with the most popular being “Plinko”, “Cliff hangers” and “Pathfinder”. They sound like the names for horses! Never the less, at this point, the big wheel needs a spin.

The Price is Right: Spin the Big Wheel

Everyone who gets as far as the pricing game gets to spin the wheel. The values on the wheel range from 5 cents to $1.Now the 2 contestants who manage to get the highest total of two spins, but without going over the $1 total, get to move on up. They will now play the “Showcase Showdown”. Also, if you manage to hit $ on the wheel, you get an instant $1000 bonus.

Every Price is Right contestant who gets to play a pricing game also gets to spin the big wheel, where values range from five cents to one dollar. The two contestants who get the highest total out of two spins without going over one dollar get to move on to the Showcase Showdown. As a bonus, if you hit one dollar on the big wheel, you win a thousand dollars. If a contestant can guess the exact value of their Contestant’s Row prize, then they get to win an extra $500. They win both Showcases if they guess to within $250.

Play in the Showcase Showdown

This is the point in the game when the more serious prizes are up for grabs. Two showcases full of prizes are on display.  The two final contestants need to bid the nearest to the combined real value in order to win. And the contestant who gets the closest but without going over the combines total value, gets to win. Now, if by chance, your bid is within $100 of the showcase value, then you get to win them both. Whooo!

The Price is Right: Enjoy Your Winnings!

If you make it to the end of “The Price is Right”, then you’ll have some goodies to take home. So there’s that, I guess. Anyhow, you can earn way more at the online gambling sites in the US.

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