Harry and Meghan Special Predictions – What to Bet on Today

  • Special predictions on Harry and Megan never disappoint gamblers
  • There are several ways to bet on their second baby on the way
  • Here are other aspects of their lives that you can bet on today
Harry and Meghan Special Predictions
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Meghan and Harry: where would gamblers be without them?! They keep on providing us with new topics to bet on, and new odds day by day. Of course, people have been betting on the Royal Family before them. But the Harry and Meghan special predictions give us more odds than any Royal couple ever before!

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When it comes to the Royal Family – or basically any celebrity – it is not a new thing to place some bets on them. And it is not different for Prince Harry and his beloved! They always have something that online gambling news sites in the UK can deal with. We could have predicted when they will get married. Or even if they will split before marriage. After that, we could bet on their first child: the gender, the name, and so on. And after they announced baby number two, the deal is the same: there are several aspects to bet on! Not to mention their interview with Oprah: which also triggered some predictions. We can say: it is hard to keep up with the Harry and Meghan special predictions and odds! So, we collected some of the current bets to keep you updated.

Harry and Meghan special predictions – Baby number two

When a baby is on the way into the celebrity world, it is always a huge hit for gamblers. Online sportsbook sites in the UK are always giving away odds for countless possibilities. As for now, on 22BET you can see several predictions on Meghan Markle and the Prince’s second child. The most basic one is always gender. Especially because it is something that kind of determines the name as well – if we do not only consider gender-neutral names. In this case, the frontrunner is Diana with an odds of 4.96.

You can also bet on the month that the baby will be born. Because of their announcements, the most probable month is May with odds 2.5, followed up by June with 2.62. If you are someone who likes excitement, you can also tip: on what day will the baby be born on? All days of the week stand with odds 6. Another thing to bet on about the baby is its weight: it will most probably be between 7lbs – 7lbs 15 oz – it has 2.75 odds. Another interesting factor to bet on is the possible godparents of the child. In this aspect, Gabriel Macht, Patrick J Adams, and Sarah Rafferty are the frontrunners with odds of 3.5. But bookmakers even put Oprah on the list! She stands with odds 6.

Harry and Meghan Special Predictions
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Other special predictions for Harry and Meghan

It is not just their second baby that 22BET has predictions for! They have odds on other fields of the couple’s life as well. Altogether, everyone is on the edge about how they will handle their current situation with the Royal Family. Their leaving was something that surprised everyone. And after their Oprah-talk, it is even more complicated. You can bet on the possibility of the couple returning to the UK to live their full time. However, according to the odds – most probably because of the interview – it is not very likely. (Yes: 8, No: 1.07) Another bet on the topic: will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lose their Royal Titles in 2021? In this case, only an official Palace announcement counts. The odds on them do losing those is 6, and not losing those is 1.1.

 What is next?

As for now, you can choose the predictions that are most exciting for you. You can also pick those that you seem to be the most comfortable with. Or anything that feels like giving you the most chance to win! However, you can always check 22BET for new odds, because as you can see: the special predictions for Harry and Meghan can change from day to day!

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