Have a Big Bite by Winning Chips – Pokerstar’s Newest Ace

PokerStars newest ace

Genius invention from PokerStars – Get a free meal when you win Poker.

PokerStars just came up with a rather marvelous and innovative idea. They’ve combined two

things people just love, gastronomy and game, to create the world’s first pop-up pay-by-poker

restaurant in the UK. At this fabulous pay-by-poker restaurant, when you win you get to eat for


 Stoke Newington chefs – Jones & Sons

 No real money play at poker table
 10,000 chips equals one free menu worth $50

The guests actually won a gourmet meal when they got ‘pot’ lucky in London’s launch of the

temporary All-in Kitchen restaurant. Everyone’s talking about it, it’s all over UK gambling news and it

surely can be the most intriguing place to take your play date.

Who cooked up the play and eat-a-meal free formula?

You may be thinking that whoever thought of this must be a genius and you would be right. The

winning hand which will deal you a three-course meal was conceived by a collaboration

between PokerStars and Jones & Son restaurant.

PokerStars newest Ace

Although playing poker and enjoying a relaxing meal before or after is already a norm, with the All-in

Kitchen concept, poker players and food lovers are targeted to play chips and choose dishes from a

poker-themed menu while paying as little as $10 for a real decent meal that would otherwise cost as

much as $50.

The Jones and John restaurant, ‘Jones at Trip’, is already one of those ritzy British bistro housed in

an abandoned-looking style building- Victorian textile factory to be exact – all the rage in Europe

these days. It hosted the All-in Kitchen concept in its location, just under the Haggerston overground


Andy Jones, founder of the restaurant near Stoke Newington that offers mouth watering Sunday

roasts is also a poker lover. He confessed his love for both in an interview recently “I love food and

never shy away from the tables when I get the chance, so having the opportunity to create a menu

that combines two of my favourite things was something I jumped at.”

Grab a cocktail at the PokerStars-run outfit

On entering the dimly-lit restaurant, guests can savor right away, a poker-themed cocktail such as

The Raise, The All Nighter, the All-In or one can also opt for The Bluff. Then they can move right on

over into the UK Poker room and try winning with the 10,000 chips handed to them.

If you are no good at ‘Texas hold ‘em’, don’t worry, knowledgeable waiters, oops, dealers are there to

to help you get the hang of things. Thank goodness, you are absolutely not on a real platform, with

thousands of eyes set on you, in one of those online poker tournaments PokerStars hold all over the

globe. Here the design is set up to make you win, practically.

<h2the new="" pop-up="" lets="" you="" play="" poker="" to="" dictate="" your="" bill

If you play your cards right, you can eat for nothing. To end up the winner at a table poker game,

you actually have to tally up more than than the original 10,000 chips and that’s your ticket to your

free meal. Jones swears “there is no catch”, so if you finish with less than 5,000 points, you have to

pay the full $10 for dinner. With 5,000 chips left in your hands, you’ll end up dining for a mere $5.

PokerStar newest ace

The concept is you can, play like pauper and feast like a king and that you will. The menu dishes

like ‘Royal Flush’ of king crab thermidor with straw fries, ‘3 of a Kind’ confit, roast and pan fried

duck, ‘Jacks’ glazed pork belly and ‘Queen’ scallops with salt-baked swede and bacon marmalade are

to die for.

Then there is ‘Three of a kind’ confit, roast and pan-fried duck with blackberry reduction and a ‘small

blind’ of ‘The stack’, triple-cooked edible chips. For dessert, dig into a scrumptious ‘Millionaire’s tart’,

a salted-caramel and chocolate slice with whiskey cream.

Jones gave an anecdote about going to a stag party in Portugal, in 2014, where he spent 4 days

partying at the land-based and mobile casinos as well as at the poker tables there. Of course his

other half almost kicked him out when he got back to Britain. Now, to avoid getting kicked out of

your own home, take your guy or ‘missus’ along with you on a play date to All-in-the Kitchen.

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