Here are 3 Possible Opponents for TJ Dillashaw to Fight Next

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Here we will take a look at a few opponents for TJ Dillashaw to fight next, and which fighter is likely to come in as the betting favorite in each one.

At the moment, the future is unclear for former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw. He was scheduled to take on current champ Cody Garbrandt this summer, but a back injury to Cody caused the fight to get scrapped.

Dilashaw then began campaigning for a fight with flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, but by all accounts, DJ wants to take on a contender at 125 pounds and the fight with TJ has not materialized. Now we’ll look at a few possible opponents for TJ Dillashaw to fight next, and the possible betting lines that would be set by Intertops.

Dillashaw fights Demetrious Johnson

Although Johnson has been publically lambasting the UFC for trying to strong arm him into fighting TJ, this fight still is very likely to happen. If Dana White can come to an agreement with Johnson and Garbrandt is stuck on the sidelines for a considerable amount of time, it’s very possible he will move down a weight class.

Possible opponents for TJ Dillashaw to fight

  • Demetrious Johnson
  • Cody Garbrandt
  • Henry Cejudo
  • Ray Borg
  • Dominick Cruz

Demetrious Johnson is one the verge of making US gambling news by breaking the title defense record. He’s without a doubt one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world right now, although some MMA betting experts have complained over his lack of real competition.

That’s exactly what Dillashaw represents. He’s one of the best fighters in the world below 155 pounds, and has the type of skillset to give DJ trouble. Still, it’s likely that Dillashaw would come into this one as the MMA betting underdog by sites like Intertops.

Dillashaw fights Cody Garbrandt

The grudge match between Dillashaw and Garbrandt was one of the fiercest rivalries in all of MMA. They’ve feuded for weeks now on the Ultimate Fighter, and those that like to bet on MMA around the world are busy predicting who would win between the two.

Garbrandt MMA

Cody Garbrandt beat Dominick Cruz to earn the bantamweight title (photo:

Not many online sportsbooks in the US were giving Cody much of a shot at beating Dominick Cruz, but he shocked the world by beating the champ for the majority of the bout to earn a unanimous decision. He has yet to defend the belt, and no one seems to know when exactly he’ll return.

If the fight with Johnson fails to come together, it seems likely that Dillashaw will sit on the sidelines and wait for Cody to return. At the moment, Intertops lists Cody Garbrandt as the betting favorite to beat Dillashaw with odds of 1.74. TJ’s odds of 2.05 offer a great chance to make money betting on MMA.

Dillashaw fights a contender at 125 pounds

Another few opponents for TJ Dillashaw to fight next are any of the top contenders at 125 pounds. He seems to want the move to 125 pounds, but if DJ is demanding he proves he can make the weight first, it’s possible he will take on someone in the top 5.

Recently, Henry Cejudo called out Dillashaw. That seems like a logical fight to make, although Cejudo is now set to take on Wilson Reis at UFC 216. If this fight comes together, Dillashaw would likely enter as the favorite.

Another possibility is for TJ to fight Ray Borg in a number one contender fight. Borg is young and talented, but it’s almost certain that Dillashaw would be massively favored in this one.

Which of these opponents for TJ Dillashaw to fight next do you think actually happens? Who do you want to see him fight. Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and make sure to head to Intertops for a full list of 2017 MMA betting odds.

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