Here Are The Odds to Bet on PSG v St Etienne in Spain: Will Neymar Score Again?


Posted: August 21, 2017

Updated: October 4, 2017

The Neymar PSG saga shocked football fans in Spain, but it also makes them want to bet on PSG matches from now on…

Neymar has found home. Online sportsbook news sites in Spain were shocked when the Neymar PSG transfer went official, and the Spanish media still seems to be interested in the Brazilian crack. How he performs, whether he will fulfill his abilities in France… and all those question make people want to be ton PSG v St Etienne in Spain.

Especially after the previous match played by Neymar Jr. PSG faced Touluse in the previous Ligue 1 match day and the Brazilian football star was totally outstanding: he scored two goals, assisted to an amazing goal from a corner and he also fought out a penalty for Cavani. They won 6-2 and Neymar was key figure in 4 of those goals.

What’s the best site to bet on PSG v St Etienne in Spain?

If you’re convinced and want to bet on PSG v St Etienne in Spain, we suggest you to pay a visit to Bet365 Sportsbook. However, you might not want to bet on PSG to win: it’s pretty much obvious that they are clear favourites: the odds for PSG to win are 1.10. But you can find special PSG v St Etienne betting odds at the popular online sportsbook site in Spain.

For example, you can bet on PSG to miss a penalty for 10.00. The chances for PSG to get a penalty, with Neymar included, well…you get my point. And the chances for a penalty to be missed with Edinson Cavani taking those penalties… So that 10.00 odds actually seem pretty friendly. Check out other odds and bet on PSG v St Etienne in Spain now!

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