Who will be the new US President in 2020?

US President 2020 Betting Odds

Who will be the new US President in 2020? Will there be a new US President in 2020 or can Donald Trump win again? If you have any ideas about US politics, why not make some money out of it?

There has been some major surprises in last year’s elections, which makes us believe that something similar is to happen in 2020 as well. Some ridiculous candidates appear on the list of names when it comes to placing a bet on next President of the United States, we just have to choose our favourite one. Check out those names as well as the best odds for US Presidency 2020!

Bet on actors becoming US Presidents

Which Hollywood star could win US Presidency?

  • Bet on DiCaprio becoming US President for 101.00
  • Bet on George Clooney to be US President 2020 for 101.00
  • Bet on Dwayne The Rock Johnson to win US Presidency for 26.00!

It wouldn’t be a unique story at online sportsbook news sites in the US to see a former film star leaving Hollywood for a chance to become a politician. Remember that former Terminator guy called Arnold Schwarzenegger, who left his weapons and his wish to save humanity and became the Governor of California?

Similar career paths might be waiting for different actors as well. Luckily for us, you can also bet on your favourite movie stars to enter US politics. For example, if you go to NetBet Sportsbook, you can take a look at the best odds to bet on next President of the United States.

And of course you can find some actually pretty cool candidates. For example, it’s not hard to imagine Leonardo DiCaprio switching for politics – he already has been quite a devoted green peace activist in recent years and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him running for presidency. The odds for DiCaprio to become the next US president are 101.00 so online sportsbook sites in the US still have their doubts about this.

Climate Change Caprio

Unlike Trump, he actually cares about climate change… (Photo: The Inquisitr)

You can bet on other film stars to win US presidency as well. For example, if you want to bet on the next President of the United States to be George Clooney, the odds are also 101.00, and everything you need to know about US politics can be understood by the odds of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to be the next US president: 26.00

Bet on other celebrities for US Presidency!

Ridiculously enough, Trump being US president and your chance to bet on The Rock to be US President are not even the most ridiculous US President betting odds. You can also bet on Kanye West to win Presidency. That would be the lowest of the low. His odds to win are 201.00. However, there are some celebrity names with no political background – officially at least – whose names are actually to think about.

For example, what do you think would happen if Mark Zuckerberg ran? To bet on next President of the United States to be the Facebook founder, the odds are only 26.00. He already has the fame, he has the wealth, he has the most important database in the world… he could actually have a chance.

New US President 2020

Can you imagine Zuckerberg running for presidency? (Photo: YouTube)

And we must think of something similar when we see the name Bill Gates. The Microsoft owner could also easily become a likely candidate to become US President in 2020. His odds are 151.00… but if we took a look at the current situation of political culture, the best option could be Oprah Winfrey for 51.00.

Bet on actual candidates to be the next President of the United States!

Bet on next President of the United States!

  • Bet on Bernie Sanders becoming US President for 19.00
  • Bet on Michelle Obama to be US President 2020 for 15.00
  • Bet on Hillary Clinton to win US Presidency for 26.00!

Of course when a serious topic like this arises, it must come with serious answers as well. So if you want to bet on next President of the United States, luckily you can not only choose between Kanye West, The Rock and Kim Kardashian. Although sometimes the actual candidates are just as ridiculous.

For example, you can bet on rump to win again in 2020. His odds are 3.00 at the moment, which means that the online sportsbook directory expect him to stay in office for 4 further years to come. His biggest challenger could be Mike Pence with his 8.50 odds to become President of the United States in 2020.

You can also bet on candidates like Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz for 67.00 for both, or you can expect political families to keep on building their legacies: Will Michelle Obama walk Hillary Clinton’s path? Bet on her for 15.00. Will Hillary run again? Bet on her for 26.00. Could Ivanka Trump win Presidency after her father? Her odds are 101.00. The odds for Bernie Sanders to be US President 2020 are 19.00.

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