Here’s a Few Tips on Making a March Madness Bracket in 2017

March Madness 2017

One of the most exciting sporting events in the world will soon begin. In this article we list a few helpful tips on making a March Madness bracket in 2017.

The 2017 NCAAB Championship Tournament is set to begin in just a few days. Many basketball betting experts and numerous online sportsbooks in the US including Bovada have already set the betting odds. Let’s look at a few ways you can set your March Madness bracket.

Don’t base your bracket on fan emotions

Bovada’s 2017 March Madness Betting Favorites

  • North Carolina: +600
  • UCLA: +600
  • Kansas: +650
  • Gonzaga: +900
  • Villanova: +1000

When first making your March Madness bracket, it’s tempting to choose a few teams that you are personal fans of to advance. That’s perfectly natural, but will not exactly translate into success. When making your bracket, do not choose teams simply because you like them.

Instead, make logical decisions based on the team’s season performance and player talent. Take statistics into account and save your personal team bias for another time. This is one of the most important tips on making a March Madness bracket this year.

Don’t anticipate an underdog victory

Anything can happen during March Madness, and surprised underdog wins are not uncommon in the early stages of the tournament, but when making your 2017 March Madness bracket, don’t bank on an underdog making US gambling news by winning the championship.

March Madness underdog

Don’t expect an underdog team like USC winnning the championship this year (photo:

Statistics show that only 2.3% of teams with a double-digit seeding have made it into the Final Four during the Championship’s history. It’s fun to imagine a Leicester City scenario playing out, but when making your bracket, it’s best to choose the March Madness betting favorites advancing into the Finals.

Consider going blue

This is one of the more unusual tips on making a March Madness bracket this year, but the stats don’t lie. Eleven of the past twelve teams that have won the NCAAB Championship donned blue as a primary color. That’s right. When making your bracket, consider going blue.

Only in 2013 did a team not sporting blue win the tournament. That was the year the Louisville Cardinals won the title. Whether it’s superstition or coincidence, the boys in blue seem to have the better luck in college basketball. Bovada lists North Carolina as the betting favorite to win this year, and you guessed it… They’re primary color is blue.

Check out the offensive statistics

This is especially true when choosing your lower-seeded teams. Offensive stats are massively important in NCAA basketball, and may be the deciding factor in who advances.

UCLA team

UCLA is the most offensive team in college basketball right now (photo:

In the past 14 NCAA seasons, nearly 33% of teams in the 10th seed or higher who advanced past the first round were ranked in the top 30 offensively. Defense becomes extremely important against the upper-echelon teams, but starting out it’s all about making those baskets.

Bank on the number-one seeds

For those that don’t know, the number one seeded teams are the ones that both college basketball experts and fans feel are most likely to win the tournament. Generally speaking they are correct, and it’s important to choose these teams advancing far into the tournament.

Only three times in the tournaments entire history has at least one number-one seed not made it into the Final Four. That’s not to say some great March Madness betting underdogs can’t make it there as well, but banking on the number-one seeds is one of the most important tips on making a March Madness bracket this year.

You can find a number of great sites offering brackets, but if you like to bet on sports in the US, consider joining Bovada. This site has grown to become one of the best US sports betting sites in the world, and is now offering a number of fantastic 2017 March Madness betting odds for players.

We hope your enjoyed our tips on making a March Madness bracket this year. Good luck and remember, go with blue!

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