Find Special Holiday Promotions at Karamba Casino

Karamba Casino Special Holiday Promotions

Take a look at what Karamba Casino is offering to you I’m sure you’ll like the special holiday promotions that they are offering to you to celebrate this month!

Spring is coming, but that’s not the only thing what makes March great (again). And even online casinos in the US have noticed that! Especially Karamba Casino, of whom you can learn more by clicking at our Karamba Casino review. They are ready to reward you with some pretty cool stuff on the most significant days of the month. But which are these days and what can you win? Let’s see!

Women’s Day gives free spins – to guys too!

International Women’s Day is due on the 8th of March, which means that women all around the world will be respected for one day until the 9th when everything goes back to normal. However, both men and women will be able to take advantage of special holiday promotions because Karamba Casino is offering free spins for all players in this special day.

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day with awesome prizes!

Beer, Irish folk music, lots of friendly people, and parties all around the world…those are not the only cool things that we will be able to cheer for on St Patrick’s Day! We will also be able to win free money thanks to the generous offer of one of the best online casinos ever, Karamba Casino! You will be rewarded with an awesome match bonus upon every single deposit you make this day.

Don’t forget to celebrate your mum!

If you thought that was it for March, oh boy, were you wrong. On the 26th of March, people in the United Kingdom will be celebrating their mothers by giving them chocolate, flowers and some attention they deserve. At Karamba Casino, it’s also another day when you can win big on special holiday promotions. Huge number of free spins will be given away, play and take some!

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