This Week in Pictures: February 28 – March 06, 2017

Week in Pictures   February 28 - March 06, 2017

Important news stories came thick and fast last week so in case you were busy and missed some of the most significant we quickly review what went on over the last seven days.

In France center-right candidate for President, Francois Fillon, announced to a rally of supporters that “no one can stop” his bid for the highest office in the land, however within his own party rival Alain Juppe seems to be standing ready to step in should Fillon finally stand down in face of the criminal investigation into the employment of his wife, and children, in fictitious positions at the expense of the French tax payer. The French Presidential election takes place on April 23rd and May 7th this year.

In the United States entrenched President Donald Trump had an exciting week in which his Attorney General Jeff Sessions was proved to have lied during his confirmation hearings when he said he’d not met with Russian officials during the election campaign (he’d spent time with the Russian Ambassador) and had to recuse himself from any investigation into connections between Moscow and Trump, who ended the week claiming without evidence President Obama had tapped the phones in Trump Tower.

In Turkey a Syrian military jet pilot was found alive and only slightly injured after he was forced to eject from his aircraft near the border. An islamic group in the area claimed to have shot down the plane but this was not confirmed by the Syrian government. The pilot, named by local sources as Mehmet Sufhan, was located after an exhaustive search of the area in an incident the local governor, Erdal Ata, had described as not seeming to be a case of border violation. The aircraft had been bombing Idlib.

In sports Igor Lebedev, representative of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and also a member of the Russian Football Union, published proposals to legalize and regulate football hooliganism thus turning social disorder into a sport. Given Russian fan’s reputation after Euro 2016, and Russia’s hosting of the 2018 World Cup, FIFA will be fascinated and you should check our daily news pages for their reaction, but in the meantime here’s a look at some of the big stories we covered last week.

1. Czech Republic announced ISP-blocking of unlicensed gambling sites in the country.Gambling Czech license

Czechs say: “computer says ‘no'” (Photo: ESA )

2. We checked-out Bovada’s odd for the GSP vs. Michael Bisping match. Bet on GSP vs. Michael Bisping

Who’s going to go home with the belt? (Photo: Esther Lin)

3. We looked at who you should back twixt India and Australia if you’re thinking to bet on test cricket this weekend. India Australia Cricket Match 2017

Great show for cricket fans (Photo: AFP)

4.We break down the betting odds for two of the biggest fights on the Haye vs. Bellew undercard.
Haye vs. Bellew Undercard 2017

…and he won (Photo: Christopher Lee/Getty Images)

5. Uruguay was announced to host Brazil in the World Cup Qualifiers and GamingZion presented the odds.
Bet On Uruguay to Beat Brazil!

Do they have what it takes? (Photo:26kits)

6. We spotted the best sporting events to bet on in March of 2017 and the best places to bet on them.Top 3 Sporting Events to Bet on in March 2017

Ready for some heavy betting? (Photo: Interbasket)

7. We checked the odds at for which 2017 film has the highest grossing opening weekend Bwin Sportsbook.Bet on Which 2017 Film Has the Highest Grossing Opening Weekend

So… that’s a new betting option… (Photo: geralt/pixabay)

Meanwhile in Japan a fifty year old man, identified only as “Joji” was found dead in his apartment, some six months after he’d expired, having been killed and buried by his mammoth collection of pornographic magazines. It was unclear if the six metric ton weight of the collection had crushed him or if it had merely suffocated him or if he’d just had a heart attack before being entombed by his library, although a team of cleaners sent to the address reported that his eyes had popped out of his head.

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