Gambling in the Czech Republic: ISP-blocking of sites without Czech license

Restriction ISP blocking Czech gambling

The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic justifies ISP-blocking of unlicensed gambling sites in the country.

The Czech Republic, one of the most developed gambling countries in the Central European region announced more restrictive laws in regard of online gambling. The Czech Constitutional Court has decided that blocking of unlicensed gambling sites is in compliance with the law, report online gambling sites in the Czech Republic. According to this law only those operators with national license can offer gambling and betting services to Czech citizens. The fines for breaking this law are rigorous.

The Czech Constitutional Court ends all discussion on the legal character of ISP-blocking

Earlier this year, the method of ISP-blocking was introduced by the Czech billionaire Andrej Babis. However many members of the Czech Parliament were puzzled whether this type of regulating the market was not in conflict with the constitutional prohibition of censorship.

Yesterday the Czech constitutional Court, as gambling news, report gave their answer. In the official statement they sent to the public it is said that “the purpose of the contested provisions is not to control or restrict freedom of information or expression, but to prevent illegal activities on the internet”. The court also stressed that “ISP blocking is no likely the only effective, although not perfect, solution”.

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