Here’s the Best Site to Bet on the NHL in Sweden

NHL playoff betting odds

Looking for the best site to bet on the NHL in Sweden? In this article we’ll let you know, and break down some of the best wagers available right now.

The 2016/17 NHL season is now deep into the playoffs, and fans around the world are busy placing bets on the games. If you’re a fan of ice hockey and want to know what the best site to be on the NHL in Sweden is, the answer is VBet Sportsbook. Let’s take a look at some of the best wagers available with this popular sports betting site.

Bet on the Conference winners

2017 NHL Championship betting odds

  • Washington Capitals: 4.75
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: 5.20
  • Anaheim Ducks: 6.50
  • Edmonton Oilers: 6.50
  • St. Louis Blues: 7.50

Four teams still remain in each of the NHL’s conferences, and members of VBet are able to bet on which ones make it into the Finals. There are some great odds here to make money, but even the best NHL betting experts are having a tough time predicting who comes out on top.

The NHL’s Western Conference is considered by most to be the tougher of the two. Some major upsets have already taken place in the West. Now, the top betting favorite to make it to the NHL Finals are the Edmonton Oilers with odds of 3.15. The Ducks are another great NHL betting option with odds of 3.20.

The East also has a number of solid teams with a shot at winning the championship this year. The Washington Capitals are leading the betting odds at 2.65. The Pittsburgh Penguins held the second-best record this season, and hold some of the best odds to win the Eastern Conference with odds of 2.90.

Bet on the NHL Championship winner

As one of the best online sportsbooks in Sweden, VBet Sportsbook offers a huge list of different NHL bets. Perhaps the most popular today is placing a wager on the winner of the NHL Championship. The odds here are similar to the Conference winner odds, but offer an even better chance to make money.

Bet on the NHL in 2017

The Washington Capitals are the Stanley Cup betting favorites this year (photo:

At the moment, the betting favorite to win the NHL Championship this year are the Washington Capitals. They Hold the best record in the NHL right now, and are coming off a dominant series win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Capitals’ odds to win are set at 4.75. The Pittsburgh Penguins are another fantastic betting option with odds of 5.20.

If you want to place a wager on a Stanley Cup underdog with the best site to bet on the NHL in Sweden, consider going with the St. Louis Blues. They were one of the best teams in the Western Conference this year, and had a fantastic series win over the Minnesota Wild. At the moment, VBet Sportbook lists their odds to win the championship at 7.50.

Bet on the individual series scores

The second round of the NHL playoffs will soon kick off, and fans can now place wagers on the outcomes of the individual series. Betting odds are now available for each of these series. Let’s take a look at the favorites and underdogs according to the best site to bet on the NHL in Sweden.

The upcoming series between the Oilers and Ducks is scheduled to begin on April 26th. Both of these teams have been impressive this season, and the betting odds are extremely close. The Anaheim Ducks are the favorites in the series to win 4-3 with odds of 4.70. The Oilers have similar odds to win 4-3 at 6.50. Neither team is expected to make Swedish gambling news with a blowout victory, as the odds a 4-0 series win for both are set at 15.00.

Two of the best teams in the NHL are also scheduled to begin their series this week. The Penguins and Capitals matchup is one of the most anticipated of the season, and the winner will likely find themselves in the Finals. Somewhat surprisingly, the Penguins are favored to win the series 4-2 with odds of 5.00. Again, a complete blowout is not expected, as both teams odds to win 4-0 are set at 15.00.

The best site to bet on the NHL in Sweden is without a doubt VBet Sportsbook. They offer a huge list of great NHL betting options, and provide their members with the best odds to cash out. Tell us who you think wins the Stanley Cup this year in the comment section below!

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