Worst Football Managers In The World: Meet David Moyes

Worst Football Managers David Moyes

Why was one of the worst football managers in the world wanted by La Liga clubs and is still wanted by Premier League clubs? Meet the mysterious story of football tactical genius David Moyes!

David Moyes seemed like a pretty good football manager when he became famous. He signed for Everton in 2002 and started a project to lift the club as high as possible. He stayed in Liverpool until Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, 2013. The Scottish football manager was successful in the Premier League.

Everton were getting better and better season after season. Online betting news in the UK thought it was only a matter of time till a bigger club steals one of the most promising young managers in football at the time from Everton. Eventually, it was Manchester United who managed to capture his signature.

Replacing Sir Alex with Moyes, seriously?

At first, it seemed like a reasonable idea. Both are Scottish. And both have been managing in the Premier League for a while. And those are probably the only similarities between the two football managers. Because while Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the best managers in football history, by today we can think of David Moyes as one of the worst football managers in the world.

It was announced in May 2013 that David Moyes will take over the helm at Man United. The Red Devils were champions that season, due to the fact that SAF belonged to the greatest managers in football history. Unlike his successor. Moyes’ team made sure that Manchester United will not be able to qualify for next season’s Champions League as they were 13 points behind 4th placed Arsenal 4 games before the end.

Online sportsbooks in the UK haven’t seen Manchester United out of the top 3 in the Premier League since 1995 and they have never been out of the top 4 in Premier League history. But it was nothing for one of the worst football managers in the world: David Moyes easily broke those records in less than 10 months. He was sacked before the end of the season and Ryan Giggs was the new temporary Manchester United manager before the arrival of Louis Van Gaal.

No better results at Real Sociedad…

After his failure at Manchester United, nobody wanted to sign him. However, Real Sociedad happened to fire team manager Jagoba Arrasate and they thought having Moyes as his replacement was a good idea. He finished the season well enough and was given the chance to start the new season in San Sebastian as well.

However, the beginning of the new season went horribly for his team. On 9 November, 2015, almost exactly 1 year after his appointment as Real Sociedad manager, the Basque team sacked him due to his poor performances. He was left without a job until the end of the season…

One of the worst managers in the world returned to the Premier League

Sam Allerdyce left Sunderland for coaching the English national football team and David Moyes took over his place for this season. So far it goes as most online sportsbooks would expect from a David Moyes team: Sunderland is the worst Premier League club this season.

Their relegation is basically confirmed already, as there are 6 more matches to be played and they are 12 points away from the last non-relegation place, the 17th position. However, football tactical genius David Moyes is not unsatisfied with his team’s performance. In fact, he is quite pleased.

“We have been playing pretty well lately. The only problem is that we concede too many goals and we don’t score enough goals, but apart from that I’m satisfied with the way we play.” That’s what one of the worst football managers in the world managed to say today when asked if he was satisfied with his team. Why should we expect anything from him then?

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