Here are 3 Weird Sporting Events in the UK You can Bet on Right Now

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A number of weird sporting events in the UK are scheduled to take place in the future. Here we take a look at 3 of the best that you can bet on right now.

The UK has a long and storied history of sporting competition. While football and rugby are the two most popular sports here today, many obscure sporting events continue to draw in fans interested in something new. Now we’ll take a look at 3 weird sporting events in the UK that members of NetBet Sportsbook can wager on right now.

Bet on the 2018 PDC World Championship

The PDC World Championship is considered by most darts analysts to be the most prestigious tournament in the world. This annual event is held in London at the beginning of the year, pitting the best players in the world against each other for a massive £400,000 cash prize.

Weird sporting events in the UK

  • PDC World Championship
  • London Royal One-Day Cup
  • British Superbike Championship

It’s still quite a way in the future, but members of NetBet Sportsbook can already place their bet on the outright winner. At the moment, reigning champion and number 1 ranked player Michael van Gerwen is the PDC World Championship with odds of 4/7. Peter Wright is another favorite to win this year with odds of 9/2, despite having never won the tournament in the past.

Want to go with a betting underdog? Phil Taylor has the most PDC World Championship titles in history, and at the age of 56 is still considered to be one of the best players in the world. He’s certainly an underdog, but with odds of 18/1, offers a great chance to make money betting on darts.

Bet on the 2017 Royal London One-Day Cup

The Royal One-Day Cup is a yearly cricket tournament held throughout the UK and Wales. Most online sportsbooks in the UK are allowing their members to place wagers on the individual matches, but NetBet Sportsbook is already offering betting odds for the Royal One-Day Cup winner.

Weird UK sports

The London Royal One-Day Cup is one of the most popular cricket events in the UK (photo:

The Yorkshire Vikings are the current favorites with odds of 13/2. This team has 33 championship wins to date, most recently taking first place in the 2015 County Championship. The Surrey Lions are another team the cricket betting experts feel have a real shot at winning the One-Day Cup this year with odds of 15/2.

Last year, the Warwickshire Bears made UK gambling news with an upset victory at the Royal London One-Day Cup. Despite their recent success, they’re a cricket betting underdog heading into 2017 with odds of 10/1 to defend their title. This may not exactly be a weird sporting event in the UK, but it’s offering some fantastic odds to make money.

Bet on the 2017 British Superbike Championship

The last weird sporting in the UK that members of NetBet Sportsbook can wager on is the exciting British Superbike Championship. This domestic racing event spans 12 rounds beginning in April and ending in October, with 37 of the UK’s best motorcycle racers taking part.

The only Superbike Championship betting option available today is a wager on the outright winner. As you would expect, some fantastic odds are available. Most experts are picking 33 year old Leon Haslam as the betting favorite here. The Kawasaki team member has never won the British Superbike Championship to date, but since 2005 has been listed as a betting favorite.

Shane Byrne is the reigning champion heading into 2017, and has won the tournament 5 times since 2003. Byrne is one of the most experienced and decorated UK motorcycle racers in the world, and is a great betting option with odds of 11/4. If you want to go with a Superbike betting underdog, consider placing a bet on Glenn Irwin, whose odds of 28/1 offer a great chance to cash out.

Each of the weird sporting events in the UK we listed can be wagered on with NetBet Sportsbook. Check out the odds for yourself today and tell us who you think wins each one in the comment section below!

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