Best High Roller Table Games in 2020: Blackjack Edition


Posted: October 16, 2020

Updated: October 16, 2020

  • A blackjack fan? Check the best high roller table games to play
  • Being a high roller gives an unforgettable experience and bigger wins
  • How to become a high roller? Where to play VIP games? Read below

Do you want to play the best blackjack on the Internet? Do you want to use your loyalty status to get as many perks as you have never seen before? If both answers are yes, check our list of high roller table games that will not disappoint even exacting gamblers.

Online casinos offer various perks for its loyal users who high rollers undoubtedly are. Being a high roller at GTbets Casino means getting lots of benefits you can use while playing games for real money. Blackjack is not an exception. Let’s see where you can find its high roller table games and enjoy the gaming process like never before. However, let’s first see how to become a high roller.

Who is a high-roller at a casino?

The benefits of being a high-roller are obvious for every gambler who has been the one. Although there is no official term to explain who high rollers are, in the gambling industry it designates a person who plays casino games for high stakes and gets benefits from a casino instead.

There are some tips on how to differentiate high rollers from other players. High-rollers usually spent no less than $100 per bet in one table game and $25 in slots. Obviously, the minimum sum may vary from a casino to a casino and start from $50. However, reputable casinos require spending hundreds of dollars in a game to become a high roller.

high roller table games
Are you in?

How to become a high roller?

Becoming a high roller at an online casino is easy. Basically, all you have to do is gambling, but gambling a bit more than usual. As we have already mentioned, high rollers spend more money on playing games than common users – this is the first step to make.

In addition, you have to be a loyal casino guest for a certain period of time to prove that you play high stakes frequently. However, if you don’t want to waste time, you can make a big deposit and skip playing games for months as an ordinary player. Finally, you can get a personal invitation from one of the casino managers, but this applies to land-based casinos only…so far.

What bonuses do high rollers have?

What do high rollers receive in exchange for spending big money? Online casinos give them various perks and bonuses, which also differ depending on the host site. Except for getting access to high roller table games, users become VIP members, earn more bonuses and free entries as well as are treated differently at online casinos in the US. Some offer free cash for all games and attractive payout percentages for best users; also, there is a possibility to get tickets to poker or blackjack tournaments. Land-based casinos have different policies: they focus more on entertaining perks rather than casino ones. Thus, most loyal players can get free or discounted access to:

  • VIP bars and restaurants
  • 5-star hotels
  • Airport transfer
  • Drinks at casinos
  • Limited high roller table games
  • VIP tables and rooms
  • Parties, shops, and events

High rollers can also play the best games at casinos and gambling sites. If you are a blackjack fan, there are some special offers for you – check them now!

High roller table games to play in 2020: best online blackjack

GTbets Casino & Sportsbook has the biggest variety of high roller table games of blackjack. You can play them either for fun or for real money. To find VIP blackjack games, go to GTbets Casino and click on the “High Roller Tables” button in the menu. Here are the best picks in our mind – try them after signing up for the website!

high roller table games
Let’s play!

VIP American Blackjack

Playing VIP American Blackjack doesn’t differ much from common twenty-one high roller table games, so it will be easy to get accustomed to it. Here, you have three hands – each of them gets a pair of cards. You have to bet on each hand and try to collect a hand with 21 points or close. What makes this game VIP is stakes – in American Blackjack, you have to bet no less than $25 on each hand. Surely, if one of them wins, the winning money won’t be disappointing as well.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

Another must-try blackjack game at GTbets Casino is Perfect Pairs. It also sets $25 as the minimum bet with $500 as the maximum one. What makes this game stand out from the others is the dealer’s hand – you see only one card dealt to your opponent. In addition, in Perfect Pairs, you can’t add cards to get more points. Once cards are given out, you either win with one/two/three hands or lose. 

Single Deck Blackjack

The last but not least game worth playing is Single Deck Blackjack. Rules of playing Single Deck Blackjack are clear from its name. One of the best high roller table games is played with 52 cards; the other conditions remain the same (including $25-$500 bets). However, here you can add cards to your hands while seeing only one card given to the dealer. Also, you can buy hand insurance if needed. Play Single Deck Blackjack at online gambling sites in the US.

You can discover more about GTbets Casino here.

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