Higher Purses May Equal Less Desire for Mayweather

Mayweather will fight pacquiao

Boxer claims to lack the same desire for the boxing as he once did years ago.

Like many professional sports, boxing is one that obviously tends to revolve around money. Of course athletes should be motivated by a desire for the sports they play. Should anything less be said about anyone else who takes on a profession? Shouldn’t all physicians, lawyers and teachers have a love for their professions? Regardless of the profession or its allure, time can definitely have an effect on desire.

Such as could be the case with Floyd Mayweather Jr., who undefeated, five-division title holding career is about to bring him to the cusp of the greatest payout of all time for a boxer. As Mayweather admits, this payday wouldn’t have come about if he had not made a sound decision to be more a business man and to make decisions that could catapult or condemn his career.

Floyd Mayweather’s decision to further represent himself

Years ago, Mayweather made a decision to break away from promoter Bob Arum. Well known to US gambling news, Arum had a very good record of promoting to fights and would obviously make Mayweather even richer if he were to represent him. But Mayweather wanted to make even more money. He said in a recent interview that he told his friends “the time will come when I make a hundred million dollars in one night.”

Of course after being told he was crazy, Mayweather established his own business independent of any of the big players. From then on, he would be the boss of himself which he clearly displayed when he negotiated the “fight of the century.” Mayweather was able to dictate a higher percentage of the salary, being the second to enter the ring as well as the locker room he would use before the fight.

Floyd Mayweather

The day has finally come when Mayweather will earn his $100 million in one night. Much has been said about all the time it took for this bout to become reality. One could consider the back and forth negotiations, lawsuits and promoter debacles as either acts of utter incompetence or sheer genius. The world of boxing five years ago wasn’t ready for a $100 million plus payout for single boxer in one night.

Mayweather said “’five years too late,’ cry the critics. ‘It’s all in the timing.’ Although the fight was pretty exciting stuff back then, it couldn’t have generated each fight with more than $60 million unless they were lucky. Now the world is looking at them both with anticipation despite the critics. Fortunately they don’t control the odds in Vegas or the opinions of those looking to cash in through online sports betting in the U.S.

For Mayweather, Money Clearly Outweighs Any Love for the Sport

In the heart of Chinatown, the Mayweather Boxing Club is surrounded by fans, enthusiasts and celebrities alike. All of them were waiting for the glimpse of Mayweather as he approaches for his much hyped media day. As the 30 televised stations and journalist stood by, Mayweather arrived late in a pristine Bentley with his equally pristine new girlfriend behind his gigantic “uber plush” Mercedes travel bus.

Finally the kid, who grew up on the bad side of Grand Rapids, Michigan, had the police escorting him instead of chasing him. Mayweather tended to waver between the career and money, almost undecidedly. In the same discourse Mayweather said “We have one of the biggest fights ever in boxing history and it’s not about the money.” Then the very next sentence he claimed “it wraps everything together, my money and my boxing.”

Floyd Mayweather

Soon Mayweather said “after this, there will be only one more because it no longer amuses him like it did.” The boxer on pace to get make close to $180 million for himself, as well as billions more through gambling according to US gambling laws, elaborated. “I’m pretty much done with all this. It’s not fun like it was back then. It’s business now. I don’t really enjoy it any longer.”

The question could easily be raised “how did Mayweather feel about boxing five years ago when this bout was supposed to take place?” Although he would have made less money, would Mayweather have enjoyed the sport more? Perhaps a balance could have been made to better combine money and desire. Although Mayweather left Arum, it cannot be said it led making $100 million in one night. For Arum, who promotes Pacquiao, is also getting Manny $100 million as well.

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