Historic Riverboat Casino Exposed – Diamond Lady


Posted: December 19, 2022

Updated: December 19, 2022

  • The Diamond Lady is out of the water
  • Mississippi River is at all-time low
  • Historic riverboat casino exposed

In this article, we will have the historic Riverboat casino exposed. Well, not really. In reality, the sunken boat was exposed due to the all-time low water levels due to drainage. Therefore, if you are interested in the history of online casino sites in the US. Then we recommend you start with the riverboat casinos. Because it is one of the most clever phenomena. Therefore, when gambling was banned on the lands. People have realized that they can play poker on the water.

Therefore, these clever gambling ships have quickly gained a large interest for both tourists and locals. Furthermore, everyone enjoys ships and boats. Therefore, it was one of the most iconic things in the history of gambling. And today, we can see its remnants arising from the water.

Historic Riverboat Casino Exposed

The historic Riverboat Casino exposed looks prettier than ever, even in its ruins. Because we have to understand that this is the father of gambling in two states. Therefore, everyone is glad to welcome the Diamond Lady back on the Surface level. According to the Daily Mail, the boat set sail 31 years ago. Ever since it has been one of the pillars of gambling. Because in two states, land-based gambling was illegal.

Historic Riverboat Casino Exposed
Picture Source: Flickr

However, it was a fair debate that back then, these boats did not count as land-based casinos. This is why they were fully legal. Because once it set sail on the water, it was no longer a part of the state. Thousands of gambling enthusiasts have used the Riverboat Casino to play poker. This is why the resurfacing of this gambling ship is so important.

The Water Levels Are On All Time Low

We have heard about the tragic casino boats shrinking in India. And the Diamond Lady belongs to the same category. Therefore, drainage had the historic Riverboat Casino exposed. Because this ship has been sleeping under the water for a whole year now. The freezing of the Mississippi Lake caused the sinking of the ship. Therefore, it has been sunk for a whole year. Because when the water freezes, it adds up to the water level.

Now that they have successfully drained it, we can see the remnants of the ship once again. Thanks to the drainage, the Mississippi River’s water level is at an all-time low. The river is in danger due to the lack of rain in the area. Soon the River might dry up.

Sunken Historic Riverboat Casino Exposed

According to MSN, before the drainage had the historic Riverboat Casino exposed, it was stored near Memphis. The father of Riverboat Gambling, Bernie Goldstein, built this boat in 1990. However, there were more ships than just the Diamond Lady. We are going to talk about that later. Generally, this boat consists of a pair.

Therefore, it has a sister called The Emerald Lady. They were both sailing towards Mississippi. This is where the Emerald Lady was found, covered in mud and foliage. In conclusion, it seems that both of the sister pairs have had the same faith. However, thanks to the volatile nature of the area, it isn’t surprising. 

Why Did People Play At Riverboats?

Nothing was able to have the historic riverboat casino exposed to the law. Because everything that was happening on the water was not land-based. This sounds more dramatic than it is. Because the Government of the states has dedicated itself to limiting land-based casino slots. Therefore, the owner has invented Riverboat casino gambling with this design. And the concept is extremely simple but equally charming.

All in all, it was just a casino on a huge boat. The development has come with complications. First, the boat was too small. Once they increased their size, the river became too little for it. Perhaps the size was one of the reasons behind the sinking.

Historic Riverboat Casino Exposed

Now that you know how the tides have had the historic riverboat casino exposed. Let’s talk about the ship itself. As we already said, this was the first casino ship in America’s history. Furthermore, it was the sister of another ship. Therefore, this one is called the Diamond Lady. Whose sister was the Emerald Lady? The ship was built out of scrap metal.

Therefore, Gambling boats in the USA became popular due to this boat. However, it still had its restrictions. For example, people may only spend up to $200 with a maximum of $5 bets. Furthermore, the owner may only allow gambling in a quarter of the ship’s area. The ship has revolutionized the gambling industry. However, for modern times, we recommend alternatives such as online casinos. For example, our top recommendation is MyBookie.Ag Casino.

Can You Visit It?

Of course! You can visit the Mississippi River. Because you can find the Diamond Lady by the docks.. Therefore, it is still residing near Memphis. Furthermore, you can see the historic riverboat casino exposed in its prime.

Because no one is going to escort away from looking at the boat.

According to The Drive, you shouldn’t climb into it. Because it is extremely dangerous to try and take pictures inside. Therefore, one bad step can result in the whole boat collapsing upon you. Take a selfie in front of the boat. However, the sinking has no chance. Because the river is near empty. You can register at the best online sites to understand how people had fun on the Diamond Lady. Therefore, we recommend you register at MyBookie.Ag Casino.

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