History Has Been Made: Panama Qualified for World Cup 2018!

Panama World Cup Qualificatoin

History has been made just a few hours ago when Panama qualified for World Cup 2018 and hence the tony country will participate in the most prestigious international football competition for the first time in history!

Online sportsbook news sites in Panama were quite optimistic about the Panamanian national football team’s series of outstanding performances in this year’s World Cup Qualifiers. Panama were serious contenders to qualify for World Cup up until the very last moment, yet online betting sites gave no chances to them.

A lot had to happen in the last match day for Panama qualifying for World Cup 2018 to become a true story. The USA played against Trinidad & Tobago, who were the worst team in the group. If the USA won, there wouldn’t be much to talk about: they would have qualified for World Cup 2018 with 15 points.

However, Trinidad did a huge favour for Panama and they beat the USA by 2-1. Honduras beat Mexico 3-2 which means thy also took over the US team and reached the playoff spot, while Panama beating Costa Rica meant securing the third place and hence the World Cup qualification. Panama made history in 2017.

No one predicted Panama to qualify for World Cup…

Online sportsbook sites in Panama thought it was going to be impossible for Panama to qualify for World Cup as it has not happened ever before. It also seemed impossible for the USA to miss out on World Cup 2018 – they are regarded as the strongest team in the group by far, together with Mexico.

And yet Panama qualified for World Cup 2018 and US citizens will at most celebrate their team’s victory upon playing on Xbox or PlayStation. While Panamanians will celebrate their team that is actually playing for the nation in Russia. Against all odds, it’s actually happening next summer.

Should you bet on Panama to win World Cup 2018?

Okay, Panama’s participation in World Cup 2018 is definitely one of the biggest surprises. They beat the odds and qualified but does that mean we should count them as favourites to win the trophy? Of course not. They haven’t played any of the best teams – Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal…

Yet passion and devotion can give huge boost and it might actually cover up the lack of certain skills. And if you want to bet on Panama to win the World Cup, now is the time as you can find the best odds for Panama t win World Cup 2018 now. Are you interested?

Take a look at the latest review about 188BET Sportsbook. That’s where you can find the most outstanding odds for Panama to win World Cup 2018: 1501.00. Of course the biggest favourites are Germany, France and Brazil, with respective odds of 6.00, 6.50 and 7.00. All odds to be found at 188BET Sportsbook!

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