In Uganda Lottery Players And Providers Are Well Protected

Uganda lottery

With recreational gaming now a mainstay of entertainment in Uganda lottery providers are constantly seeking new avenues of revenue but this is no free for all as the LGRB keeps a tight leash on the industry that is now said to be worth some 150 billion Ugandan shillings annually. Online competition from the likes of Netbet might be slow at optimizing their operations for the African markets but on the ground it’s the old school lotteries that remain popular.


LGRB Remit

  • Licensing
  • Inspection
  • Enforcement
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Sec 4 L&G Act 2016

The creation of a national lottery in 2004 saw the dawn of gambling’s true emergence in Uganda lottery cards arriving around the same time casino operators were permitted. The appeal of this form of recreational gaming was instantly felt by the coffers of the government and numerous worthy causes benefited from this boom that reached another milestone in 2007 when the first sports betting shop was permitted and opened to allow Ugandans to wager on the English Premier League and World Cup.


However whilst the sports betting arena tends to be dominated by a male demographic the universal appeal has meant that in Uganda lottery providers have retained a steady share of the market within the country. Obviously there have been teething issues, most notably with illegal operators in other sectors of the market but on the whole the lottery in Uganda has a reputation as sound as bell, and that is in no small part to the work of the LGRB who look after those not placing a bet on sports in Uganda today.

In Uganda Lottery Providers Are Closely Monitored

Uganda Lottery

The Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board is a diligent energetic organization that is mandated with issuing licenses, inspecting providers, enforcing laws and resolving disputes under section 4 of the comprehensive and well thought out Lotteries & Gaming Act 2016 that allows the body to issue directives and instructions where necessary not merely dish out punitive fines. Indeed it could be said there are high numbers of Uganda lottery players because they’ve power to assess the impact too.


Many gambling authorities are hamstrug by a limit on their power of investigation and the LGRB are not so hamstrung, the Uganda lottery games are as closely regulated and monitored as any around the world, perhaps more so, meaning that those taking advantage of Ugandan gambling laws to partake of a small speculative wager are not risking any more than the odds entitle them to be, and the authorities are well aware of the knock-on impacts of those activities on the wider society within that locality.

Ugandans Can Bet On Sports At Netbet

As competition from sites like Netbet slowly ekes its way into the everyday life of Uganda lottery games and indeed sports betting in Uganda remain massively popular, and are likely to carry on being popular as the LGRB crack down on illegal online operators that do so much to harm the reputation of the industry as a whole. Often these “illegal” operators are simply just not paying their fair share of tax and thus make the LRGB’s hitlist, and perhaps that’s only right and proper, but Netbet is not on the list.


Ugandan news headlines might scream about illegal online gambling operators but in Uganda lottery winners are as prized by the press as elsewhere and this is often capitalized on by providers in the manner of the traditional publicity that is associated with winning large sums of money. The value of the market in Uganda is bound to rise, and with the LRGB there to make sure everyone gets a fair crack of the whip you can expect overseas sites to get their acts together, pay their taxes and be big player any day now.

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