The Hottest Royal Wedding Betting Specials: Cars, Hats, and Shaving

hottest royal wedding betting specials

Seven years went by in between the last two “Saw” movies – “Saw 3D” and “Jigsaw” – exactly as much time as it took for another royal wedding to come. At last, the wait is over and our body is ready: Prince Harry of Wales will marry Rachel Meghan Markle of L.A. The wedding has been scheduled for May 19, 2018, which leaves everyone only a very limited time to exploit it. Instead of Meghan Markle memorabilia, we offer you the 4 hottest royal wedding betting specials from Bet365 Sportsbook. Are you ready?

1. Car-brand of the royal couple

Ever since the 50’s, the royal family and Rolls-Royce have nurtured a close relationship. Therefore, it is highly likely that the royal couple will arrive to St. George’s Chapel in a beautiful Rolls (8/15). Meanwhile, everybody seems to forget that one half of the couple is from the United States. Therefore, if the decision rests on equality, there is 50% chance that they will arrive in a Dodge, or a Tesla (11/8). Who knows, maybe they will demonstrate some accessibility, and arrive in the UK’s most popular car: a Ford Fiesta (11/8).

Ryan Bader

2. Odds of Meghan’s wedding dress to be white

There is some spiteful speculation out there that Meghan Markle will not wear white on her wedding day, as it is the colour of innocence. Rude! Why is it so hard to believe that Meghan is innocent? According to online sportsbook sites in the UK, the rumour originates from Kate Middleton and The Queen, as both of them were dressed in ivory (apparently, ivory is not synonymous with white) on their wedding day. You can run into the warm embrace of the non-white-dress odds (11/2), or choose to live dangerously and bet on Meghan Markle wearing white (1/10). Just keep in mind: Meghan is not The Queen nor is she Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle wearing a white dress

She’s innocent!

3. The Queen’s hat could be black

The always stylish Queen Elizabeth II was wearing a yellow hat for the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, a blue one for the wedding of Diana and Charles, and an off-white (?) piece for Camilla’s big day. Green (8/13) seems to be the winning option for the wedding of Meghan and Harry, closely followed by blue (4/1) and yellow (5/1). If you still listen to My Chemical Romance, we can fix you up with some odds for black (80/1).

4. Will Prince Harry shave for the wedding?

The facial hair of prince harry seems to be on everyone’s lips: will he shave for the wedding? Some men end up having a boyish charm after shaving. Harry is not one them. There are people who wear full-coverage foundation and heavy make-up, others grow a beard. If you agree that most people strive to present their very best self on the big day, the odds for Harry’s beard to survive are eagerly awaiting your bet, here. Richard Fitwilliams, professional royal commentator, said to that “there is no protocol […] regarding this,” which means Harry might as well keep the beard so you can profit from the wedding; a win-win situation!

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