How to Bet on Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour

bet on Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour

The Magic: The Gathering has taken another turn into a new dimension with another Pro Tour. The professionals have been practicing for the anticipation of this realm and Online Sportsbook sites are offering better odds than ever, for landmark names just to make it into the top eight. The opportunity to conjure a hefty profit is no cheap trick when it comes to placing a bet on Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour.

Whether you have happened upon this article as a Planeswalker or a pedestrian browser, there is always some lingering magic to beckon from the will of your command. Magic: The Gathering was crafted in valour but moreover is the genesis for all trading card games to come. On June the first, wizards from across the land will pilgrimage into the Magic Multiverse to the plane of Dominaria for the Magic Pro Tour. Planeswalker like human, gambling has always existed in accordance with the mortal condition and with a game built on skill, intelligence and imagination, Magic: The Gathering has opened itself to the online betting market.

Archmage Reid Duke (4.36) – Planeswalker level: 50

Archmage Reid Duke hails from Sugar Loaf, New York State and has been playing Magic since the age of five. Introduced to the game by his brother and fellow Planeswalker, Duke quickly became obsessed with the Multiverse. He is used to finishing in the top eight in professional competition and has taken first place at Grand Prix tournaments five times. Duke is also a member of the highest ranking MTG team: Ultimate Guard.

Reid Duke


Archmage Yuuya Watanabe (4.66) – Planeswalker level: 50

At his first Grand Prix, Watanabe defied all odds and won the tournaments. Thirty one Grand Prix “top eights” under his belt (seven of which are wins), and even a World Championship title (the highest prestige amongst the Magic community), Watanabe is favorite in the running for most major online gambling sites in Japan to finish in the top eight for the fifth time.

Archmage William Jensen (4.66) – Planeswalker level: 48

The current world champion of the Magic Multiverse has been an avid player since the age of 13. From humble Planeswalker to Archmage extraordinaire, Jensen boasts nine wins and is always ready for more. His game has never been better and the road to success keeps getting easier for the German magician. Online betting sites in Japan claim him to be the favorite to win, especially given his current world status.

William Jensen


Bet on Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour

Popular from its very creation, Magic: The Gathering is bigger than it has ever been before. The stakes are at their highest and the professionals are on the top of their game. It then makes sense that when sites such as 1xBET Sportsbook are offering such huge odds just for the pros to come in only the top eight of players, one simply must bet on Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour.

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