How Can Losers Win In Poker? Nobody Has Explained It Like This Before


Posted: January 12, 2022

Updated: January 12, 2022

  • 99% of the players win with the passive playing technique
  • Find out the strategies that turn losers into winners
  • How can losers win in poker? Check out the article

When you think about the disadvantages of poker, one might be that it’s not an audience-friendly game. Few players can flash something to the audience and rarely. A football player can show off with a great pass, a hockey player can outsmart the goalkeeper, but poker doesn’t have that. Even though you can bluff there big-time, few viewers would be affected. Many don’t even realize what they see. Games, sports, and other activities such as trading, are also divided into winners’ and losers’ games. Poker falls into the second category. We will show you how to use that to your advantage. How can losers win in poker? Read our article and find out!

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Why Would I Be a Loser? 

To understand what this means, let’s take a look at how a winner plays poker. According to online poker sites in the UK, 99% of professional players win with passive plays, and only have approximately 1% of them play the winner’s game. A winner’s game is a game in which the player scores the most points by actively doing something for it. For example, if a tennis player scores an unquestionable point or hits the ball deliberately in the corner of the court, so the opponent wouldn’t have a chance to reach it. You get our point. They bring the best of their best play. On the other hand, most players do not earn their points this way, but with a loser’s game. 

In the case of the loser’s game, the player collects their points due to errors. Using the opponent’s mistakes, they win the rounds. For instance, if a tennis player hits the ball out of court, the opponent collects the points. So, how can losers win in poker? The answer is simple by making fewer mistakes than their opponents. The point of playing as losers is not to impress the audience with a remarkable move but to avoid doing any nonsense. Don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Sensible investors don’t aim to be the best immediately and be millionaires with a single good investment. It’s up to most investors to invest wisely and not do stupid things. This is true to playing poker too. If you want to win, don’t try to show off, but climb up the career ladder step by step.

How Can Losers Win in Poker?

The most important thing is to know that this is true to poker, as well. The players with the highest profit are not successful because they had hero calls three times in a single session. They are successful because they don’t go tilt and didn’t throw away their money even after hundreds of hours of playing.

How Can Losers Win In Poker
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Many people try to stand out from the crowd. They think they need to show something big, but that’s why players often fail and lose unnecessarily large amounts of money. There are rounds when we can’t bluff at all. Then we have to rely on playing the opponents’ mistakes. So, winning with a passive play.

Sometimes, there are games when folding ten flops in a row is more worthwhile than engaging in unnecessary battles. The good player won’t let themself be shocked and makes the right decision in all 10 cases. Decisions like this should always be rational and not the result of not hitting the flop for two hours. Wouldn’t that be too boring? You are right, but if the goal is to win profit, you must not give in to temptation. Understand that the goal of this is not to kill a person’s creative side, but to build on a solid foundation for something unique. In other words, if you want to stand out with a winning play, you should lay low. Being humble wouldn’t hurt either. Try this new approach at Bet365 Poker.

How Can Losers Win in Poker? With Bluffing Of Course

How can losers win in poker? If you want to be successful in the game, you must learn the art of bluffing well. It’s necessary, especially if you have weak hands. Putting on an act has its place and time in the game. What is a good bluff like? Before the game, you have to decide which cards you will never bluff with and which you will never give up. It’s only worth bluffing with hands that have some outs, like, open-ends, flush draws, and more. 

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We call these semi-bluffs because we can win not only with them when the opponent folds, but also when the hand has a showdown value. If you don’t know what to do, then fold! To become a winner from a loser, you should be able to fold a strong hand. More importantly, be able the judge the situation accurately, and if you think that your cards will not be enough, no matter the value, get out. Again, use the loser’s game technique, and turn it to your advantage later.

You Can Still Win If You Have The Cards Of a Loser

Put pressure on weak opponents! Players love to bet. People tend to bet with over pairs, top pairs, or middle pairs, but some bet with every good hand. How could their range look like when they check instead of betting? Weak. That is the situation where it is highly recommended to bluff against them! So, if your opponent is showing weakness, put pressure on them with an aggressive strategy. In this case, you can try not only semi-bluffs but also pure bluffs, that is, when you have nothing.

How Can Losers Win In Poker
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Poker tournaments can be interesting, and many times, we can make some money on them without doing anything. When players start to drop out around us, and the pay jump is close, it may be worth the wait, as folds also mean money. However, if you’re in a phase where the pay jump is still a long way off, it doesn’t matter much that you have a stack in front of you. Keep an eye out for the players’ weaknesses and mistakes all the time. So you can use them later. Even if you drop out, you can buy in or start another tournament, but you will have a head start. 

How can losers win in poker? Here is another technique. “If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half-hour at the table, then you are the sucker…” Matt Damon, who played Mike McDermott in Rounders, said that. If you want to become a winner, you have to play against poker players who are worse than you. Even if you are the 9th best player in the world, but the best eight are sitting at a table with you, you will probably be the ultimate loser. In such cases, we should always look for the most profitable situations, and it is better to leave our egos at home.

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