How does Sheldon Adelson Hold So Much Power and Why is he Against Online Casinos?

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Recently proposed American legislation could make online gambling totally illegal, and Sheldon Adelson is trying his very best to make this a reality

Right now in the American Congress and Senate lawmakers are debating over whether or not to hit online gambling and internet casino operators with an outright ban of operating within the United States. This is all a bit sudden and unexpected, coming from the government who just in 2011 ruled the same practice as legal. Since the ruling, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have legalized online gambling within their states and California, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Texas are currently working to legalize online gambling for implementation this year.

This U-turn, simply put, is ridiculous and in every way embarrassing to the American people; their government need to get their heads out of their asses. Sorry, Obama.

The main driving force behind the new bill is full-time billionaire casino magnate, and part-time dinosaur, Sheldon Adelson. Okay, so maybe you don’t know who Sheldon Adelson is; don’t worry, we’re about to tell you.

He’s utterly insane.


80-year-old Sheldon Gary Adelson has constantly been a feature of gambling news articles, for both good and bad reasons. Adelson is currently the chairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, with casinos all over the world, he’s has built an absolutely astonishing fortune through his casino businesses. He’s currently ranked as the eighth richest man in the world by Forbes and has a worth of $40.8 billion, a staggering amount of money. Unsurprisingly, this is basically why he has such an influence and associated amount of power; the almighty dollar.

What comes as a surprise is the effort this man is willing to go to in order to prevent online gambling within the United States of America; he is literally willing to do everything he can. Adelson was recently quoted as saying he was ‘willing to spend whatever it takes’ to stop online gambling in it’s tracks; as a side note, statements like that really do inspire faith in the American legal system, don’t they?

Anyway, back to Sheldon; he’s famously known as being the most generous donator of funds to Republican political candidates, and has used his fortune to help bring the American people great presidents like George W. Bush. What a guy.

So, What is the Problem? Morals; Oh, right.

Adelson’s serious hatred for online gambling can understandably be assumed as concern of the effects it would have on his own casino profits; although, he says that’s not the case what-so-ever. In what sounds like the worst and most transparent argument ever, he claims that his real motivations are on a purely moral level. He worries that should online gambling be available to all those with an internet connection, the US will somehow go to the dogs.

He recently said in an interview that “It’s a threat to our society — a toxin which all good people ought to resist,” referring to online and mobile casinos. It’s hard to follow his thought patterns, as he himself has made his fortune from providing people a gambling service. Adelson has been able to find a distinct difference between the two practices though; gambling at home is immoral, but under one of his roofs is totally fine.

This all coming from the same person who, not that long ago, suggested that the US should bomb Iran with a nuclear weapon to show them who was boss; don’t worry it was only going to be a small bomb aimed at the desert to teach them a lesson. Although if they failed to get the message, Adelson then stated that Iran should be told Tehran would be next.

This guy has morals I feel everyone can get behind.

The New Al-Qaeda Video Slot

Adelsons organization, the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, has recently released an advertising video, urging the patriotic American public to see through the thin veil of lies and realize what internet gambling in the US really is about. What the video claims is totally absurd, and genuinely comes across as satire.

Things Sheldon Adelson Doesn’t Look Like

• A Liberal

• A friendly person

• A Human

Saturated with emotionally charged wording, the advert is the ultimate in scare tactics and vague generalizations. The video makes reference to Al-Qaeda, making the bizarre claim that “an established Al-Qaeda poker network could extract enough untraceable money…to fund several 9/11 attacks”, which honestly is nothing more that blatant scare-mongering. What the hell does that even mean, that claim could be related to anything; it’s ridiculous.

The plight of the FBI is also delivered to us; they should be busy catching terrorists (another shoehorned buzz-word) instead of worrying about the criminal organizations which no doubt would be intertwined with online gambling. As the video claims “online gambling will give criminals around the world a foothold into every American household”; yeah, of course it will.

If you haven’t seen it, please go and watch it; it’s hilarious, yet also thoroughly depressing.

This guys constant attack on online gambling is actually quite concerning, he already has over $40 billion, yet he is clearly terrified of losing any money to a competing service; something he refuses to admit.

Unfortunately, his voice is not alone. Several US senators have stated their public support to Adelson’s cause; it’s not completely clear why, but the fact he is shoving money at their political careers could easily remove any confusion. Thankfully, it does look unlikely that this bill will be passed; there are still numerous hands of support intent on keeping online gambling a legal activity.

Maybe this old man genuinely doesn’t quite get the concept of online gambling, and maybe that’s what has spawned all of his recent activities. He has claimed to have never used the internet.

I’m not buying that though, I think this is just the case of a scared, greedy individual who thinks he has enough money to get his own way. He’s trying to shut-down the competition and isn’t afraid who knows it.

Boycott Adelson’s casinos and play online instead; that’ll show him.

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