How Mercury Retrograde Influences Gambling


Posted: October 1, 2021

Updated: October 1, 2021

  • For many the phrase "Mercury retrograde" has become a kind of curse
  • But is it true?
  • Let’s find out how Mercury retrograde influences gambling

For many, even for those who are very far from astrology and reading horoscopes, the phrase “Mercury retrograde” has become a kind of curse. Some, as soon as they hear these two words, internally shrink in anticipation of something very bad. Indeed, people with a good sense of humor “write off” all the troubles on this phenomenon. The car broke down, the boss yelled, or lost in a lottery – well, it’s the Mercury retrograde to blame! But is it true? Let’s find out how Mercury retrograde influences gambling.

From September 27 to October 18, the third period of Mercury retrograde is going on in 2021. The planet is in the sign of Libra. Thus, this is an unfavorable period for communication, important negotiations, making deals, or starting any new business. At the same time, it is a good time to resume postponed projects, learn something new and useful, as well as to continue developing your projects. However, at the same time, this is a period of “scraping”, when trips are postponed, household appliances break down, things are lost. This happens three times a year, which means it is important to prepare on time. Let’s figure out what is safe to do in Mercury retrograde, and what you should refrain from. Also, how to get through this period without unpleasant surprises. Moreover, how to turn this time into maximum benefit for yourself. 

What is This Phenomenon About?

What is Mercury retrograde? So in astrology, they call a phenomenon in which a visible reverse motion of the planet is created. By the way, the concept appeared in the 18th century. Some believe that this is an illusion and cannot have any effect on us. However, others are convinced that not everything is so simple and even an illusion has power over us! Of course, this is not the most positive position of the stars and planets. Nevertheless, it is not worth it to fall into despair and wait for troubles.

The nearest retrograde Mercury will overtake us from September 27 to October 18. It was at this time, according to astrologers, that the usual order of things is often violated. But what is Mercury responsible for? Under its influence are trade, transport, technology, documents, information, knowledge, communication, and gambling on the Internet. So during the period of Mercury retrograde, it is for these areas of our activity that we should be afraid. Online casinos in the USA are also getting ready for this time!

How Mercury Retrograde Influences Gambling: Zodiac Signs

  • Aries will finally find some peace of mind. Perhaps the problems that tormented you will not be solved. However, everything will somehow become clearer. Indeed, Aries will understand how to proceed. Learn more about your Gambling Horoscope for September 2021 before visiting Bovada Casino.
how Mercury retrograde influences gambling
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  • Taurus will most likely be able to get out of the financial difficulties that have captured him recently. Indeed, there will be new opportunities to make money. And Taurus, of course, will not miss them while playing slot machines.
  • The Gemini will find a new project, a new application of their talents and skills, and will completely surrender to the process. At the same time, you will receive a long-forgotten pleasure from work.
  • Cancer will be in the right place at the right time. Thanks to this, you will reach new goals. Moreover, Cancer should wait for some monetary rewards in gambling.
  • A sudden financial infusion awaits Leo. Unexpected dividends will come from where one does not expect them at all. Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket?
  • Virgo will take care of their health. Having done this for preventive reasons, Virgo will be able to feel once again full of strength!

To Be Continued

  • Libra will be blessed with a lot of interesting work. Indeed, new projects will bring new friends, pleasure, and financial benefits!
  • Scorpio will spend time studying. However, shortly, all this will be useful and will bring considerable benefits. Therefore, start learning how to Get Lucky in Gambling!
  • Sagittarius will enter a time of special creative energy. You will be ready to move mountains in your path. And this, in turn, can lead to a promotion on the career ladder.
  • Meanwhile, Capricorn will focus on the family. Pleasant, long-awaited meetings and, possibly, financial success await him. Therefore, it is worth trying poker or blackjack.
  • Aquarius is one of those who are lucky in love. A truly fateful meeting awaits the single and unmarried. The main thing is not to oversleep at this important moment!
  • Pisces will enter into some kind of struggle associated with a career, work. Most likely, they will have to do something small to win big. All in all, this is how Mercury retrograde influences gambling and our lives, in general!

The Influence of Mercury Retrograde: What To Do?

This period is the time of postponed affairs and putting things in order, getting rid of the accumulated problems. Indeed, it is possible and safe:

how Mercury retrograde influences gambling
Which options are you going to realize? Picture Source: Picpedia
  • revise, adjust plans;
  • clean up the wardrobe, get rid of boring things;
  • repair what is broken (equipment, furniture, car);
  • give things away for restoration;
  • abandon unproductive relationships, end unfavorable relationships;
  • for schoolchildren and students – repeat the passed material, retake exams;
  • pass qualification confirmation tests, license renewal;
  • sort out documents, papers, put things in order in the archive;
  • make plans, write down ideas that suddenly arise, engage in self-development;
  • do general cleaning;
  • renew relationships with important people (hold meetings with classmates, longtime acquaintances, and friends);
  • to complete previously started cases;
  • change your image, improve your style
  • learn something new since it will be useful in all spheres of life including gambling in the Bovada Casino;

If possible, it is worth pausing all important projects, postpone the signing of contracts. However, this does not mean that life has stopped at all. Indeed, it is simply recommended to be careful and maintain a positive attitude. Since Mercury retrograde affects all areas of life, we are also talking about health. You should not be afraid of problems with organs and systems, injuries, and exacerbations of chronic diseases during these periods. It is important to take care of your health, but not to go to extremes. To avoid problems, stick to your daily routine, channel excess energy into exercise or creative pursuits. And not make any important decisions when you feel overwhelmed or anxious. This is how Mercury retrograde influences gambling as well. 

What Not To Do At This Time?

Mercury retrograde is not the best time for renewal. At this time, it is undesirable:

how Mercury retrograde influences gambling
Picture Source: Wikimedia
  • plan a trip to new places (but you can go where you have already been);
  • sign important documents, conclude contracts (if necessary, it is recommended to do this on favorable days, carefully check everything);
  • purchase a computer, smartphone, laptop, any other gadget;
  • create new, large-scale projects;
  • provoke conflicts (at this time people do not hear each other well, there is a risk of worsening relations with loved ones);
  • be in a hurry (most processes slow down, it is worthwhile to prepare in advance for the possibility of equipment breakdowns, errors in mail delivery, transport delays).

All in all, do not be nervous, as this will worsen the situation. To maintain a calm and optimistic attitude, it is advisable to use meditation. Often there is a need to reduce social activity, distraction increases, and many things started can be slowed down. This is normal, after the end of the period of Mercury retrograde, the situation will improve. Indeed, Mercury gives wards adventurous thinking, high intelligence, and the desire for a good education. Therefore, learn How to Attract Gambling Luck in 2021 before visiting online gambling sites in the USA.

Mercury in the V field ignites the taste for the most varied games, especially of the intellectual order. Indicates an interest in exchange transactions, financial transactions, bets, or other types of speculative activity. Brings its wards not only the benevolence, but also the grace of fate that often expressed as winning the lottery, being lucky in gambling, or as successful speculative activity. Visit the Bovada Casino and try your luck. But do not forget to check the Gambling Horoscope For 2021 to secure your winnings!

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