How To Bet On Earthquakes And Other Seismic Events

  • Geology Make Shake Up The Future Of Online Gambling  
  • You May Soon Be Able To Bet On Earthquakes At Bet365
  • USGS Scientific Fieldwork Provide Perfect Flutter Fodder 
How To Bet On Earthquakes

Skirting by the elephant in the room, we have to deal with the dearth of sports upon which to wager. This means we must cast our eye around for other avenues for our speculative instincts. Fortunately, as is frequently the case, Mother Nature has the answer. Indeed, some may say she does it bigger, better and with more inherent-drama. So, let’s take a look at how, in the near future, online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 could let you bet on earthquakes.

There is perhaps nothing more dramatic. A tectonic shift is as big as motion gets and its effects can be some of the most devastating on the planet. Sometimes. Mostly, however, earthquakes are not the massive apocalyptic events of Hollywood special effects departments. Many go all but unnoticed. Or, at least, they would if were not for the sterling work of organizations like the US Geological Service. They keep track of all of them. It’ll be this record that will allow us to bet on earthquakes. 

Accessible to the public, the USGS site lists all earthquakes as they occur. It provides a range of details all of which could allow us to bet on earthquakes. Conceptually, this might jar a little. As a debasement of science perhaps. However, it does meet all the requirements. It also breaks UK gambling laws concerning wagers on human suffering, at least for the moment. Laws are notorious for changing. In the near future, this somewhat moralistic legislation may just vanish. 

Bet365 Could Offer Odds On Seismic Events

This would leave us free to bet on earthquakes around the world and in numerous different ways. Naturally, the most obvious is wagering on where the next appreciable earthquake will occur. Bet365 could run this sort of thing, in the same way, the old “spot the ball” competitions did. Map of the world. Put a cross where you think the next earthquake will be. Closest wins. Nothing simpler. Adding odds for specific continents or tectonic faults could add a little texture to it all.

George Orwell

“An earthquake is such fun…..when it is over.”

We could also bet on earthquakes using the registered strength. Different points on the Richter scale (or indeed Mercalli scale if the nerds insist) could have a variety of odds. However, a bet on earthquakes need not stop there. The USGS also lists the depth at which the quake occurred. This means online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 could offer accumulators. Imagine the win if you hit all three, location, strength, and depth. The chances are slim, so the odds would be huge.

How To Bet On Earthquakes
Earthquake Map Image source: Phoenix7777Own work / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

USGS Could Oversee Our Bet On Earthquakes 

Obviously, there would need to be safeguards. Lex Luthor showed artificially created earthquakes are not beyond the wit of man. We don’t need organized crime attempting to fix this sort of thing. Suspiciously-large-rent-a-crowds jumping up and down will be obvious enough. Stolen nuclear weapons, not so much. Perhaps the people from WADA could re-train to detect false earthquakes instead of drug cheats. So we can easily bet on earthquakes, but it is going to need some regulation.


“All earthquakes and disasters are warnings there’s too much corruption in the world.”

So, a bet on earthquakes could easily be a replacement for a bet on sports in the UK. The only thing standing between us and poring over maps of tectonic plates is the squeamishness of politicians. This too is legend. However, that elephant in the room is getting hungry. Feeding it is going to be expensive. So, the tax income could well dangle enough of a fiscal reward before politicians’ eyes to change their minds. They’ve changed far more for far, far less, after all.  

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We take a look at how as an alternative to our usual wagers we could bet on earthquakes instead. 

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