How To Bet On Trotting and Other Forms Of Horse Racing


Posted: June 9, 2020

Updated: June 9, 2020

  • Here are all types of horse racing available for betting
  • Learn what is trotting and how to wager on it
  • What racing type is #1 in the world?

There are plenty of horse racing types available for betting at online sportsbook sites. If you want to know how to bet on trotting, National Hunt, or endurance, here is an ultimate guide through all kinds of horse racing.

Horse racing is not only about betting on a horse that is going to finish first. A multiplicity of horse racing types is so huge that a newcomer can easily get lost choosing between trotting or endurance racing to bet on. Here is an introduction to all types of racing available online with a detailed description and best betting options at Bet365 Sportsbook.

There are five popular types of horse racing that are available at online sportsbooks in the UK. Here are their names:

  • Trotting (harness racing)
  • Endurance racing
  • Flat racing
  • Jump racing (National Hunt)
  • Quarter horse racing

How to bet on trotting

Trotting is the first of 5 horse racing types (also called harness racing). What is it? During the trotting race, horses carry small sulkies and race at a specific gait (usually trot or pace). They must follow the indicated gait, speed, and not to break stride, otherwise, they will be penalized. Usually, a horse that violated the rules must slow down behind the competitions, but every event has its own rules regarding violators. 

how to bet on trotting
Horse race

The most famous trotting event in Europe is the Prix d’Amerique in Paris. There are also smaller local competitions to bet on in the UK, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. To bet on them, visit Bet365 Sportsbook as it offers trotting bets. The betting principle is simple: pick a horse that is not going to violate the rules, wager on it, and win money. There are no other tips on how to bet on trotting, as this is probably the most difficult kind of racing if speaking about training horses.

Flat, endurance, and jump racing

The most popular and widespread horse racing type is flat racing. If you have wagered on horses at least once, it must have been flat racing. For example, Triple Crown tournaments are all devoted to flat racing. Basically, it is a competition where all horses race on a flat surface, while people bet on the winner. So, we won’t stop here for a long time.

Jump racing (or National Hunt) is another popular kind of racing, but with one distinction. Unlike flat racing, here horses have to pass different obstacles: fences, ditches, or all together. The betting principle, however, is the same. People wager on horses that will finish first and not fall during the racing.

how to bet on trotting
Horse race figures

Endurance racing test horses for handling long tracks or racing for a long period of time. This kind of racing isn’t too popular as it takes a long time to learn the winner. However, there are still many competitions, including the Mongol Derby, to wager on in this category.

What is quarter horse racing

If learning how to bet on trotting and three other types of racing are not enough, try wagering on quarter horse racing. It means racing at a great speed for short distances that usually don’t exceed a quarter of a mile. The main emphasis in this kind is put on horses’ ability to run on a maximum speed they can gather.

Betting on quarter horse racing has its own drawback too, which is the opposite of endurance racing. If the last one lasts too long, the quarter race is too short to enjoy it. However, it can play for you while watching live horse racing from home. As they don’t take much time, you can win money from your favorite horse in 5 minutes.

Read about tote betting on horses too as it is a completely different way of wagering on racing. It is a great option for UK gamblers to benefit from horse racing even if their favorite horse loses the leadership.

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